IGX platform: new functional security standards for AI and computing


The IGX platform was developed to enable optimized collaboration between people and machines. This new technology is finding its way into various sectors. These include the manufacturing and logistics industries. However, progressive automation is also taking place in the healthcare sector. Therefore, the IGX platform should help to increase safety in all sectors of robotics. This new technology was developed and introduced by Nvidia.

What does Nvidia’s IGX platform offer?

Robots are increasingly being used both in the manufacture of various products and in the field of medical technology. These mostly work with state-of-the-art AI software and are therefore already almost capable of learning. Thanks to the new Nvidia IGX platform, the assistive robots are given spatial awareness.

This means they not only get linear functionality, but the functions can be adapted much better. If the working environment of the robots is then also equipped with the new technology, then completely new possibilities in the field of automation are open.

One of the key features of Nvidia’s IGX platform is its adaptability. The technology can be configured quite easily and optimally adapted to the respective operating conditions.

That is why this modern platform is not only designed for specific areas of application. Whether it is for processes in production or logistics, it no longer matters. The new platform can be just as helpful when it comes to medical care or completely different tasks.

A high level of safety in the IGX platform

As a rule, humans currently work together with automated systems. Therefore, a high level of safety is always important. The developers of the IGX platform have considered and implemented this important requirement. Therefore, the technology offers security concepts at a very high level.

A first customer has already been named by Nvidia. The well-known company Siemens is using the newly developed platform to build the first automated factory. The development of autonomous factories is currently in full swing. That’s why the platform comes in handy. The first step is to develop autonomous warehouse robots. These must first be programmed and trained in practical use.

Later, various other processes will also be added. Especially in the area of manufacturing and processing, these are mostly activities that have to be repeated over and over again. At present, it is already possible to program these sequences very well. Thanks to the IGX platform, however, there will also be automation in areas where it is not just a matter of constantly repeating certain work steps.

It still sounds a bit like science fiction. But the development is progressing quite quickly. With the newly developed IGX platform, Nvidia has created a very important step towards automating workflows.

The special thing about it is that this technology is not only useful for a certain industry. The scalability as well as the individual configuration are very good prerequisites for use in countless areas. This definitely makes collaboration between automated systems and humans much easier and also safer.

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