IN.finite(TM) Casambi 4CH: Reduce Energy Consumption with Smart Lighting Control


The new IN.finite(TM) Casambi 4CH by LED Linear is a versatile lighting control solution that helps planners and building owners reduce energy consumption. It allows for easy control of a wide range of constant voltage operated lights and LED strips with up to four channels, enabling customized lighting scenarios to meet specific needs and preferences.

Wireless Bluetooth Mesh Control for Renovations: No Need for Additional Wiring

The IN.finite(TM) Casambi 4CH is a perfect solution for renovation projects due to its wireless Bluetooth(R) Mesh communication. With no need for additional wiring, it eliminates the hassle of installing control cables. All it requires is a power supply for the light and control, as the signals are transmitted wirelessly. This feature makes it an ideal choice for renovations, simplifying the installation process and reducing costs.

The IN.finite(TM) Casambi 4CH offers a significant improvement in sustainability compared to its predecessor. With a lifespan of 100,000 hours in standby mode or 65,000 hours under full load, the need for replacements is greatly reduced, contributing to a more sustainable lighting solution. Additionally, the product’s development in Germany and manufacturing within the EU positively impacts the supply chain. Furthermore, the integration of smart controls allows for energy savings of up to 60% depending on the application.

LED Linear’s IN.finite(TM) product family and accessories offer a wide range of options for smaller and medium-sized projects. In addition to the IN.finite(TM) Casambi 4CH, they also provide the IN.finite(TM) DALI 2CH with DT6 and DT8 standards. This allows for individual customization to meet specific requirements. The available expansion options, such as sensors, gateways, and switches, provide added flexibility. The portfolio also includes end caps with strain relief for easy installation.

Compact Design: 188 x 30 x 21 mm Form Factor (L x W x H)

  • The IN.finite(TM) Casambi 4CH from LED Linear has a compact form factor measuring 188 x 30 x 21 mm (L x W x H)
  • The IN.finite(TM) Casambi 4CH by LED Linear supports up to four channels, each capable of handling up to 240 W of power at 24 V DC
  • The IN.finite(TM) Casambi 4CH is compatible with 4x mono, 2x IQW, 1x RGB, and 1x RGBW lighting circuits
  • The IN.finite(TM) Casambi 4CH by LED Linear includes separate end caps for installation in lighting fixtures or individual use
  • The IN.finite(TM) Casambi 4CH allows for direct connection of both analog (brightness) and digital (ON/OFF) sensors
  • The IN.finite(TM) Casambi 4CH from LED Linear offers a wide input range from 12V to 48V DC, allowing for versatile power options
  • Improved wireless range of up to 90 meters outdoors
  • The IN.finite(TM) Casambi 4CH from LED Linear features a high PWM rate of 1.6 kHz, ensuring smooth and flicker-free lighting control
  • The IN.finite(TM) Casambi 4CH features an automated power reduction system that kicks in during overload situations

The new IN.finite(TM) Casambi 4CH by LED Linear offers numerous benefits for building planners and owners. By controlling the lighting according to demand, energy consumption can be reduced, resulting in increased energy efficiency and cost savings. Additionally, the wireless Bluetooth(R) Mesh communication provides a practical solution for renovation projects where the installation of additional control cables is not necessary. The long lifespan of the IN.finite(TM) Casambi 4CH and the sustainability of its production also contribute to the attractiveness of the product. Overall, the IN.finite(TM) Casambi 4CH by LED Linear provides a universal, sustainable, and efficient solution for smart lighting systems.

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