Industrial router maxx RT2200: wireless at remote locations, via LTE mobile network and wired


In Industry 4.0, secure and reliable data transmission is crucial. This should also be as flexible as possible so that different components can exchange data with each other. This is exactly what the maxx RT2200 industrial router is suitable for. This modern router is equipped with numerous features. Therefore, it can be used in a wide variety of companies.

Use maxx RT2200 industrial router for VPN

It can be used excellently as a LAN as well as a WAN router to set up a secure VPN. It proves to be very helpful when a VPN connection to a VPN server has to be established with a PLC. This succeeds even if the client is not equipped with a VPN. Therefore, this router provides a high level of security. It even allows up to 64 individual VPN connections.

Numerous connection options

A special feature is the many different connection options. The maxx RT2200 industrial router is equipped with RS232 as well as RS485 interfaces. In addition, several digital inputs and outputs are available. A 5-port Ethernet switch is also integrated. Therefore, it should be no problem to use this router in all imaginable environments to benefit from its advantages.

Data transmission can be set up via a WAN. Since this is not possible everywhere, an LTE interface is available. The maxx RT2200 industrial router uses the 4 G mobile network for transmission. Therefore, this router can be used everywhere and still offers fast data transmission. It is even possible to have two SIM cards inserted at the same time. The advantage of this option is that data can still be transmitted even if one provider should fail at short notice. Therefore, no difficulties arise in such a case.

High security and easy configuration of the maxx RTZ2200 industrial router

The developers put a great emphasis on user-friendly operation. That is why this router is controlled by a secure Linux system. Of course, access to the settings is protected by a password, which can be freely selected. The settings can be made either via a web interface or in the form of XML files. Therefore, the software that controls the maxx RT2200 industrial router can be configured very precisely. Due to the numerous as well as the individual configuration options, this modern industrial router can be used in many ways.

Information about the manufacturer

Io Tmaxx GmbH is a team of experienced developers. They have an experience of several years in the field of mobile communications. Therefore they know gateways and routers very well. But they also know the strengths and weaknesses of these devices. That’s why these professionals have made it their goal to develop routers and gateways for the mid-market. There, IoT technologies are gradually making their way in, but sometimes the technical possibilities fail.

Often, data has to be transmitted by cable, on devices that are actually designed for wireless data transmission. There are a lot of challenges in this area. That’s why the development of the maxx RT2200 industrial router has brought the arrival of the IoT in medium-sized companies a little closer.

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