Innovative memory: Infineon presents 1 Mbit EXCELON F-RAM


Infineon Technologies AG has responded to the increasing demand for reliable memory devices in the automotive event data storage market by expanding its EXCELON™ F-RAM family. With the new ferroelectric RAM memories with memory densities of 1 Mbit and 4 Mbit, Infineon offers a solution for automotive data acquisition that enables immediate capture and long-term storage of critical data.

Leading solutions for the automotive sector: Infineon inspires with industry-leading features

Infineon’s latest addition to the automotive F-RAM portfolio includes memory devices with capacities of 1 Mbit and 4 Mbit. These devices not only offer fast read/write performance of up to 50 MHz in SPI mode and up to 108 MHz in Quad SPI mode, but also an exceptional endurance of 10 trillion read/write cycles. This makes them an ideal solution for applications that require robust and reliable data acquisition and storage over a long period of time.

Infineon expands memory architecture to meet the growing demands of the automotive industry

The increasing number of applications in the automotive industry that require reliable data recording leads to an increased demand for specific memory solutions. Infineon offers its customers the necessary flexibility to adapt the memory architecture for any design and to meet the data recording requirements. With highly reliable non-volatile memories, Infineon enables long-term and secure storage of data in safety-critical systems such as airbags, engine controls and battery management systems.

Top performance guaranteed: Delay-free write function for outstanding performance

Infineon’s EXCELON F-RAM provides a zero-delay write function that allows important system data to be captured and stored until immediately before an accident or user-defined trigger event. Using the serial interface (SPI/QSPI), this memory provides fast and reliable read/write performance while consuming exceptionally low power. The F-RAM operates over a wide voltage range of 1.8 V to 3.6 V and is housed in a compact 8-pin SOIC standard package, allowing for easy integration. In addition, Infineon’s F-RAM ensures long-term data storage of more than 100 years, even after a power failure.

Future-oriented plans: Infineon plans Quad SPI version for EXCELON Auto F-RAM memory

Infineon’s 1 Mbit (CY15B201QN-50SXE) and 4 Mbit (CY15B204QN-40SXE) EXCELON Auto F-RAM memories have already entered volume production and are available for purchase by customers. For more information on these products, interested parties can visit Infineon’s website at In addition, Infineon also plans to launch a Quad-SPI interface version of both devices by the end of 2023 to meet customers’ increasing demands and offer them an expanded choice of memory solutions.

Future-proof data acquisition: Infineon’s EXCELON F-RAM memory for vehicles

  • Qualified F-RAM memory for automotive applications from Infineon.
  • High temperature resistant memory: Infineon’s EXCELON F-RAM memory for -40°C to +125°C environments.
  • Powerful speeds: Infineon’s EXCELON F-RAM memory ensures fast and reliable read/write performance of up to 50 MHz (SPI) or 108 MHz (Quad SPI).
  • Long-term data integrity: Infineon EXCELON F-RAM memory enables 20 years of data logging.
  • Securely capture and record system data before accidents using a zero-delay write function.
  • Low power consumption and wide voltage range from 1.8 V to 3.6 V
  • Infineon is housed in a standard 8-pin SOIC package and enables compact integration into systems.
  • RAM memory offers reliable data retention of over 100 years, even during power outages.

Infineon’s new EXCELON F-RAM memories offer an outstanding solution to the growing need for reliable data acquisition and storage in the automotive industry. With their industry-leading features and flexibility, they set new standards. They meet the increasing demands of the automotive industry and deliver impressive performance to securely store important data over a long period of time.

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