Semiconductor Giants Infineon and Semikron Danfoss Forge Strong Partnership with New Chip Supply Agreement for Electric Mobility


Electric mobility is rapidly gaining momentum and is expected to equip two-thirds of all vehicles produced by 2028 with either fully or partially electrified powertrains. This exponential growth necessitates high-performance semiconductor components to meet the increasing demand. In light of this, Infineon Technologies AG and Semikron Danfoss have entered into a long-term volume contract for the supply of silicon-based chips for electromobility. Under this agreement, Infineon will provide Semikron Danfoss with chipsets comprising Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) and diodes. These components are primarily utilized in power modules for inverters that are employed in the powertrain of electric vehicles.

Clean Mobility Achieves Efficient Power Conversion

The partnership between Infineon and Semikron Danfoss represents a significant milestone towards achieving cleaner and safer mobility. Infineon, renowned as a global leader in semiconductor solutions for the automotive industry, is at the forefront of providing innovative solutions for electromobility. Peter Schiefer, President of Infineon’s Automotive Division, emphasizes the crucial role played by IGBTs and diodes in efficiently converting power in the electric drivetrain, stating, “Our chips make power conversion in the electric drivetrain highly efficient.” Infineon is valued as a partner in the automotive sector due to its extensive product portfolio, comprehensive system expertise, and investments in its own manufacturing capabilities. By leveraging their broad range of products, deep knowledge of automotive systems, and commitment to manufacturing excellence, Infineon is poised to contribute significantly to the clean and secure mobility landscape.

Powerhouse Semikron Danfoss Drives Decarbonization

Semikron Danfoss is a well-established and reliable partner for the automotive industry. With their expertise, they supply automotive customers with power modules that are based on the most advanced assembly technologies and fully leverage the potential of IGBTs and diodes. Claus A. Petersen, President of Semikron Danfoss, emphasizes the company’s role in the decarbonization of the transportation sector, stating, “Our power modules contribute to enabling further decarbonization of the transportation sector.” Automotive customers place their trust in Semikron Danfoss as an experienced partner to drive the industry’s transformation forward. By providing cutting-edge power modules and promoting sustainable solutions, Semikron Danfoss plays a pivotal role in supporting the automotive industry’s transition to a greener and more environmentally friendly future.

Collaborative Manufacturing Strengthens Partnership

Infineon manufactures IGBTs and diodes for Semikron Danfoss at its facilities in Dresden and Kulim (Malaysia). Semikron Danfoss, on the other hand, produces its own automotive power modules in Nuremberg and Flensburg, as well as in Utica (USA). Starting next year, the company will also commence production in Nanjing (China). This strategic collaboration in manufacturing allows both Infineon and Semikron Danfoss to expand their capacities and meet the growing demand for high-performance chips in the field of electromobility. By leveraging their combined expertise and production capabilities, the two companies aim to serve the market effectively and contribute to the advancement of electric vehicle technology.

Electric Mobility Thrives Through Powerful Partnership

The collaboration between Infineon and Semikron Danfoss represents a significant milestone in driving the advancement of electromobility. Both companies contribute to improving the efficiency and performance of electric vehicle powertrains through the delivery of powerful chipset solutions. Infineon, as a globally leading provider of semiconductors for the automotive industry, brings its extensive product portfolio and expertise to the table, while Semikron Danfoss, as an experienced partner, leverages assembly technologies to maximize the potential of the chips. The joint manufacturing across various locations enables the companies to respond flexibly to the increasing demand and propel electromobility forward. Overall, this partnership strengthens the position of both companies in the automotive sector and contributes to the realization of clean and safe mobility.

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