InnoPhase IoT and STMicroelectronics integrate Wi-Fi/BLE for low-power IoT devices


The evaluation platform offered by InnoPhase IoT combines the STM32U5 MCU evaluation board from STMicroelectronics with the Talaria TWO Wi-Fi/BLE evaluation board from InnoPhase IoT. This platform seamlessly integrates ultra-low power Wi-Fi/BLE capabilities with STM32 microcontrollers, enabling the development of battery-powered IoT devices with the industry’s lowest power consumption. It is specifically designed for applications such as wearables, industrial IoT, medical devices, commercial solutions, and smart home automation, providing a versatile and efficient solution for various IoT use cases.

STM32U5 MCU: High Performance with Ultra-Low Power

The STM32U5 MCU is a cutting-edge 32-bit microcontroller that combines the power of the Arm Cortex-M33 core with up to 4MB of flash memory and 2.5MB of SRAM. Designed to meet the most demanding power/performance requirements, it offers the highest performance among 32-bit MCUs while reducing power consumption by up to 90%. With innovative power-management features, it extends battery life, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

InnoPhase IoT’s Talaria TWO Wi-Fi/BLE5 multiprotocol platform revolutionizes the development of cloud-connected applications by offering ultra-low power consumption without compromising performance. With an industry-leading Tx current of only 81mA at MCS7 and a DTIM-10 current of 57uA, this platform extends the battery life of IoT devices to over 10 years.

The InnoPhase IoT Talaria TWO provides seamless cloud connectivity to AWS and Microsoft Azure, enabling easy development and deployment of IoT solutions. With its high integration, small size, and multiple antenna options, the platform allows customers to meet various use case requirements. Additionally, it offers Wi-Fi provisioning through BLE, secure over-the-air updates, and efficient power management features, making it an ideal choice for building reliable and long-lasting IoT devices.

The seamless integration of the STM32U5 MCU and Talaria TWO evaluation boards allows designers to develop ultra-low power sensor-to-cloud connected IoT solutions. Software integration is achieved through the ST I-CUBE-T2 software expansion for STM32Cube. The host application on the STM32U5 utilizes the InnoPhase IoT Host APIs (HAPI) and communicates with the application running on the InnoPhase IoT Talaria TWO device. This kit provides support for AWS IoT services.

Bertrand Denis, STM32 Product Manager at STMicroelectronics, emphasized the significant benefits of the collaboration between InnoPhase IoT and STM32U5, stating that the low-power Wi-Fi connectivity provided by Talaria TWO enables long battery life for a range of smart applications. This is particularly advantageous for wearables, personal medical devices, home automation, and industrial IoT solutions. By combining the power-efficient STM32U5 MCU with InnoPhase IoT’s industry-leading Wi-Fi/BLE solution, customers can achieve low-power, long-lasting performance while seamlessly integrating cloud connectivity.

Wiren Perera, President and COO of InnoPhase IoT, emphasized the transformative power of wireless devices with long battery life and direct cloud connectivity in unlocking the potential of IoT across multiple markets. By combining ST’s highly energy-efficient STM32U5 MCU with InnoPhase IoT’s industry-leading Wi-Fi/BLE solution, customers can benefit from a platform that enables rapid development and deployment while leveraging ubiquitous Wi-Fi connectivity.

The production of STM32U5 MCUs and Talaria TWO Wi-Fi/BLE SoC/Modules is currently underway. The Talaria TWO Wi-Fi/BLE modules have been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG, ensuring their compliance with industry standards. Additionally, these modules have received global regulatory certification, meaning they meet the necessary requirements for deployment in various regions worldwide.

At the Sensors Converge 2023 conference in Santa Clara, California, InnoPhase IoT showcased a successful demonstration of the STM32U5 MCU connected to the Talaria TWO sensor for seamless AWS connectivity. This demonstration highlighted the potential for ultra-low power IoT devices to securely connect to the cloud, enabling a range of applications including wearables, medical devices, and industrial IoT solutions.

InnoPhase IoT and STMicroelectronics Enable Rapid IoT Development with Evaluation Boards and Kits

The STM32U5 MCU from STMicroelectronics, combined with InnoPhase IoT’s Talaria TWO Wi-Fi/BLE, creates a groundbreaking platform for ultra-low power IoT solutions with a battery life of over 10 years. This seamless integration enables developers in the wearables, industrial IoT, medical, commercial, and smart home automation industries to create innovative solutions that prioritize energy efficiency and longevity.

The STM32U5 MCU, known for its high performance and energy efficiency, is combined with the Talaria TWO Wi-Fi/BLE solution, which boasts the industry’s lowest power consumption. This powerful combination allows businesses to create IoT devices with long battery life and direct cloud connectivity. With this technology, new opportunities arise for the IoT in various markets, ensuring that customers can meet their requirements for low power consumption, long battery life, and high performance.

Developers can immediately take advantage of the availability of evaluation boards and development kits to quickly and efficiently develop their own IoT solutions. The future of IoT is now within reach, and InnoPhase IoT and STMicroelectronics are playing a crucial role in shaping this future.

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