Gartner again names Inpixon as a leader in indoor location services


Indoor Intelligence® expert Inpixon® was yesterday again named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Indoor Location Services. This recognition underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The evaluation was based on specific criteria that assessed the company’s completeness of vision and ability to execute. Inpixon was able to convince with its advanced indoor location services and its ability to meet the needs of its customers and was therefore recognised as a Leader.

Recognition for Inpixon’s vision and ability to implement

Indoor location services are becoming increasingly important as companies realise the importance of location information of people and assets. A report by Gartner predicts that this market will grow exponentially to reach US$55 billion in revenue by 2030. This is a big leap from revenues of just US$1.9 billion in 2021 and highlights the growing demand for indoor location services in the business world.

Inpixon, a leader in indoor location services, has once again received the Leader designation in Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant. Inpixon’s consistency over the last five years, and especially the last two years as a Leader, is recognition of Inpixon’s continued innovation and delivery of a comprehensive RTLS solution that supports businesses across multiple industries. Nadir Ali, CEO of Inpixon, emphasises that this award reflects Inpixon’s commitment to its customers and their needs, and motivates the company to be even more innovative in the future and maintain its leadership in indoor location services.

For companies operating in a variety of industrial, manufacturing and production environments, Inpixon offers a wide range of location solutions. These solutions use intelligent building components and real-time visibility to connect assets, personnel and industrial processes. By using Inpixon’s technology, companies can monitor, control and optimise their operations to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

Asset tracking in real-time mode

Directly tracking the location and movement of critical plant, equipment, inventory and other assets can also help increase safety in industrial processes. By knowing exactly where their resources are and how they are moved, companies can quickly identify risks and potential sources of danger and take appropriate measures to prevent accidents.

Employee tracking

Monitoring the real-time location of employees in critical situations is an important aspect for companies to improve the safety and productivity of their employees. In emergencies, companies can react quickly and send emergency services to the exact location of the affected employee to provide assistance quickly. In addition, by monitoring location, companies can also optimise work processes by ensuring that their employees are in the right places and working effectively.

Avoid collisions: Tips for more occupational safety

A safe working environment is of paramount importance for all industrial companies. By using real-time visibility, geographically delineated safety areas and alerts, you can quickly identify potential safety risks and take appropriate action to prevent accidents and injuries. Tracking lone workers, activating man-down alarms and rounding up workers are other important features that contribute to workplace safety.

Increase productivity through workflow optimisation

More efficiency in production: By using digital twins, companies can make their production processes even more effective. The virtual models make it possible to simulate and optimise processes to achieve greater efficiency. This can reduce costs and shorten production time. The quality of the products can also be improved through the use of digital twins.

Indoor localisation as a compelling necessity

According to the report, the tracking of people and important goods has become indispensable today in order to minimise security risks, comply with regulations and optimise costs. When selecting a provider, those responsible for infrastructure and operations should therefore pay attention to whether the provider is able to implement different methods of indoor tracking and also react flexibly to new requirements.

Inpixon is proud to have once again been ranked as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Indoor Location Services Report. Scott Howell, VP of Marketing and RevOps, emphasises the importance of this award and the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence to meet the needs of ist customers and ensure their satisfaction.

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