IntegrityNext expands customer portfolio with Infineon, Körber, and Siemens Gamesa


IntegrityNext, a leading cloud-based solution for supply chain sustainability management, is expanding its customer portfolio through partnerships with Infineon Technologies AG, Körber, and Siemens Gamesa. With its expertise in managing sustainability in supply chains, IntegrityNext helps companies collect and analyze data to monitor their supply chains. By automating the assessment of sustainability risks and providing tools for ongoing improvement, IntegrityNext supports companies in meeting regulatory requirements and achieving their sustainability goals.

New German supply chain law requires companies to disclose data

In response to the expansion of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG), all companies with more than 1,000 employees will be required to disclose data regarding their supply chains starting from January 2024. Simultaneously, the European Union’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will come into effect, obligating EU companies to report on the sustainability of their business practices. These regulatory requirements, combined with the growing emphasis on achieving climate goals, are driving the integration of sustainability applications into corporate processes.

IntegrityNext facilitates supply chain monitoring with cloud-based solution

IntegrityNext provides companies with a cloud-based solution to collect and analyze the necessary data for their supply chains. By offering support in monitoring their supply chains, this Munich-based company enables businesses to gain insights and transparency into their sourcing processes.

IntegrityNext’s automated assessment of sustainability risks for suppliers is based on over 45 industry and country-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) related to issues such as child labor, workplace safety, and environmental pollution. Additionally, an artificial intelligence system scans media and social networks daily for critical reports about suppliers, which can impact their assessment. If a supplier exhibits elevated risks, they may be invited to undergo a more in-depth, topic-specific evaluation.

After the supplier has completed the automated assessment and potential risks have been identified, they are required to provide evidence of their ability to recognize and minimize ESG risks through the submission of certificates and the completion of questionnaires. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided, an expert team validates the results, reviews the submitted certificates and supporting documents, and may raise corrective requests if necessary.

The IntegrityNext platform empowers customers to take proactive and corrective actions while continuously monitoring progress. With coverage of 37 ESG topics that are regularly updated to align with current legislation, the platform allows for the modular combination of all sustainability issues. This flexibility makes IntegrityNext an ideal solution for any industry, as evidenced by its diverse customer base.

The platform provides comprehensive supply chain information in report form, meeting the legal disclosure requirements of the German Supply Chain Act and the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Siemens Gamesa, a leading wind turbine manufacturer with extensive supplier relationships, has been collaborating with IntegrityNext since 2021. Dr. Maximilian Schnippering, Head of Sustainability at Siemens Gamesa, explains their decision to partner with IntegrityNext: “We didn’t want a standard solution, but we needed scalability. IntegrityNext offers exactly that. We were able to select the components that are important to us on a platform basis. Our suppliers are responsible for over 95 percent of our environmental impact. We need the transparency provided by IntegrityNext’s solution to identify areas where we can become more sustainable.

Infineon Technologies AG, a Munich-based semiconductor manufacturer, recognizes the importance of ecological and social sustainability in its global supply chain. By collaborating with suppliers, Infineon aims to increase transparency across business processes and along the entire supply chain, with a focus on human rights and environmental protection. IntegrityNext plays a crucial role in this effort, providing a sustainability platform that significantly supports the enhancement of Infineon’s risk management system. The platform facilitates an efficient and transparent data exchange process with suppliers, enabling improved sustainability reporting and profile sharing among multiple customers.

Körber, an international technology conglomerate, utilizes the IntegrityNext platform to enhance sustainability understanding and awareness among both internal stakeholders and suppliers. In addition to utilizing the platform, Körber also collaborates with IntegrityNext to host webinars. This proactive approach helps foster a better understanding of sustainability principles and ultimately strengthens the effectiveness of the IntegrityNext platform.

Sustainability is a key component of Körber’s corporate and supply chain strategy. The company has partnered with IntegrityNext to support sustainability management in its supply chains. By integrating IntegrityNext into its existing IT system landscape and procurement processes, Körber ensures that sustainability is not just a goal, but a integral part of its daily work in procurement and supply chain management. This collaboration underscores the importance of the IntegrityNext platform in effectively managing sustainability in the supply chain.

IntegrityNext’s platform offers a standardized solution for managing ESG risks in the supply chain while also allowing for customization and industry-specific adaptations. This ensures that companies can address their unique challenges and requirements related to sustainability. With the ability to automate risk assessments, monitor and improve the supply chain, and generate reports, IntegrityNext provides an efficient and transparent approach for companies across all sectors.

IntegrityNext offers a comprehensive solution for sustainability management in the supply chain. By automating the assessment of sustainability risks, monitoring and improving the supply chain, and providing reports and support for compliance with legal requirements, IntegrityNext provides an efficient and transparent solution for companies in all industries. The collaboration with renowned companies such as Infineon, Körber, and Siemens Gamesa highlights the added value and relevance of the IntegrityNext platform for sustainability management in the supply chain.

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