IoT certification – Tuya Smart cooperates with TÜV SÜD for more IoT acceptance


The globally active IoT developers of Tuya Smart have entered into a long-lasting cooperation with the German testing company TÜV SÜD. The background to the liaison is the providers’ endeavor to help the technology gain greater acceptance through stronger assurance.

Tuya Smart: IoT from hardware to marketing

The Tuya Smart development platform is known for driving the connections between IoT-enabled applications and their associated infrastructure. By creating more and more new standards in this area, developers, producers and distributors in Internet of Things goods should be able to meet the ever-growing demands for smart technology solutions. In doing so, Tuya Smart can cover the entire supply chain with its portfolio. From the manufacture of hardware components to cloud implementation and the provision of platforms for handling business transactions to marketing concepts, the company can supply everything. This is to ensure that independence, neutrality and open accessibility to all interested parties are always maintained.

Security: a fundamental barrier to further IoT market penetration

As the Internet of Things (IoT) rapidly penetrated broad segments of society, the vulnerability of the technology quickly became apparent. More and more real-time end devices entered the market and were connected to home or work networks by enthusiastic users. All of a sudden, private smartphones, fitness trackers and voice assistants, smart video cameras for smart homes and dog bowls, and e-cars found themselves within easy reach of corporate and government networks. In many cases, their comparatively low purchase prices often belied the fact that they were based on little to no protected structures. Security vulnerabilities that had been known for years continued to be built into systems, mostly unpatched, which were then also connected to networks, some of which were critical, without being tested.

Ransomware wave as a wake-up call

Many people only really became aware of this problematic situation when the foreseeable malware epidemic began. With each additional company or government agency that was outed in the media as a victim of encryption Trojans and confronted with digital extortion demands, the general unease grew. Suddenly, technology that was otherwise lauded as an innovative promise for a more pleasant and simpler future was viewed critically. Not a good outlook for further adoption of the technology.

TÜV SÜD: With “German Angst” to more IoT trust?

To address this problem in the long term, Tuya Smart decided to enter into a strategic collaboration with the German testing company TÜV-Süd. Whether the ulterior motive was that if the Germans, who are considered overly cautious and meticulous, consider something safe, it will be easier for digital innovation to win over third parties is not known. The fact is, however, that a first WiFi Bluetooth module from Tuya has already been awarded a security certificate according to industry standards by the testing company. More are expected to follow in the foreseeable future, boosting confidence in this promising development.

Tuya is confident that with the help of TÜV SÜD’s expertise, it can ensure the basis for reliable expansion of its own and other similar platforms in the long term, which should benefit the entire ecosystem. The German-born global company, with offshoots in over 50 countries, reinforces this assumption. After all, its broad practical knowledge has been instrumental for years in harnessing, securing and controlling new economic sectors such as sustainable energies, autonomous vehicle technology and Industry 4.0.

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