IoT platform: Serves municipal utilities to digitize infrastructure


The IoT platform for municipal utilities from items offers a wide range of use cases. These range from a short-circuit indicator in the low-voltage network to intelligent moisture monitoring. Various municipal utilities have already discovered the possibilities for themselves, including ENERVIE Südwestfalen and Stadtwerke Krefeld. The latter is striving for the concept of a smart city. The solution is independent of the transmission technology.

IoT platform: basis for individual use cases

The IoT solution from items is independent of the transmission technology. On the other hand, it offers a toolbox for the integration of IoT devices as well as a productive interface for the core systems of the utility industry and the new smart city platforms Fiware and Frost. The municipal utility platform thus forms a basis for individual internal use cases as well as the development of services for and in municipalities and also regions and counties. Services have even already been realized by municipal utilities for municipal utilities.

Helps South Westphalia digitize the region

ENERVIE – Südwestfalen Energie und Wasser AG uses the IoT platform to transfer and evaluate data for industrial as well as urban use cases. Julia Peltzer, IoT and data management officer at ENERVIE, says: “By centralizing the data on items’ IoT platform, we can tap even more potential within the value creation of data-based applications or business models.”

For example, he says, the solution actively helps to better collect as well as manage data and make it available for digital innovation in the municipal and industrial sectors. “This is how we can drive digitalization in our region,” she concludes.

Springboard to the smart city

Stadtwerke Krefeld is aiming for the Smart City with the help of the items IoT platform. Julian Deymann, a corporate development employee at Stadtwerke Krefeld, comments: “”As Stadtwerke Krefeld, we are actively developing the Smart City.

For example, several use cases have already been created in the Krefeld area of operation, ranging from the automatic measurement of the groundwater level to the measurement of the filling levels of waste paper containers, which enables intelligent emptying. Thanks to the IoT platform, the aggregated data is not only used for individual use cases, but is bundled in a central location and is available for the development of the smart city.”

IoT platform: working together to combat climate change

Items has over 20 years of experience in the energy industry. “We are using this with the new technologies for our customers and shareholders to master climate change and the energy transition together,” said Alexander Sommer, Head of Digital Networks & Innovation at items. The company strives to make a supporting contribution to the industry through granular and digitally captured information from infrastructures.

“Whether for analyzing utilization in the low-voltage grid or granular temperature and consumption information from heating grids for generation optimization. The approaches are diverse to leverage efficiencies,” Sommer adds.

Convincing synergy effects

bnNETZE, the network operator of Badenova AG based in Freiburg, has also opted for the IoT platform – motivated by the synergy effects. Paul Spies, technology manager at bnNETZE, explains, “Due to the greatly changed requirements for network operators, generated synergy effects in the network are very important and purposeful. By using the network, we benefit and can significantly reduce our costs for operations, for the implementation of legal requirements and for further technological change.”

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