IoT Startup UnaBiz: ISO27001 Certification for Information Security Management System


Singapore-based IoT startup UnaBiz has cleared another hurdle on the road to IoT expansion with the award of ISO27001 certification for its information security system (ISMS) UnaConnect.

Previously, the company made news by receiving ISO 9001:2015 verification for design and network connectivity. UnaBiz thus belongs to an excellent small group of vendors that are making a difference in customer adoption for new sector.

IoT: Security shortcomings as an obstacle to expansion

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become an innovation driver for many industries. Its applications now range from manufacturing and healthcare to logistics and energy. More and more connected products and services are reducing complexities, lowering costs and time to market.

Understandably, therefore, the IoT market and the desire to participate in it is growing. But as the level of connectivity increases, so do customer concerns about security. Many companies eager to enter the new technology are still wary of the dangers of losing or misusing customer data and trade secrets.

IoT: Security through independent controls

This is where organizations that have recognized that further expansion of the IoT sector can be significantly achieved only through trust-building measures come in. In addition to companies like UnaBiz, which appear to be building such customer needs into their compliance, international groups are also becoming increasingly involved in this field.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) set the standards for corporate information security management systems worldwide. Awards such as the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate are then issued by associations such as the British Standards Institution. They provide information on the status, maintenance and improvement of these systems. This involves checking the entire chain, from development, through ongoing operation, to maintenance of the software.

UnaBiz as a benchmark?

UnaBiz has apparently taken care of this circumstance by aligning the structure of its data platform with the security aspect from the very beginning. The goal was and still is to close security gaps in the connection between IoT technology and company interfaces. In doing so, the company’s internal developers apparently also like to go beyond the standard from time to time and thus probably set industry trends in security technology.

After six months of intensive internal and external investigations of technology, processes and the people involved, the BSI awarded the coveted certificate. Following these checks, UnaBiz customers should now be completely safe when they entrust their sensitive data to the company. UnaBiz’s proactive approach to data protection aims to address customer concerns about possible security issues when managing data for their customers and the resulting financial and litigation issues.

Sustainable IoT for customers and the environment

Founded in Singapore in 2017, the company aims to make data-driven businesses more efficient for partners and customers. Specializing in the development of sensors, cloud platforms based on low-power wide-area technology (LPWA), its goal is to decisively advance IoT businesses such as smart metering, smart facilities management, smart logistics and supply chain. In doing so, the startup follows its credo “Less is more” in its attempt to connect the world’s population ever more closely. Every organization and individual should be able to live more intelligently, simply and sustainably through IoT.

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