IoT Test Node: NOFFZ Technologies Delivers Smart Test Tool for Automotive


A very useful and versatile test device for checking the connectivity of different wireless standards has recently become available. NOFFZ Technologies provides the IoT Test Node for this purpose. This device will be presented at electronica in Munich in November 2022.

What is the IoT Test Node for?

In the Internet of Things, usually referred to simply as IoT, a serious problem often arises. Numerous IoT devices need to communicate and exchange data with each other. However, not all components use a uniform radio standard. As a result, difficulties can arise during data exchange. In some cases, data exchange is not possible at all.

In other situations, data is not transmitted correctly. As a third variant, data of different transmission levels can negatively influence each other. This results in malfunctions. This is why NOFFZ Technologies has developed the Test Node. It can be used to perform connectivity tests in the laboratory. This leads to fewer problems later on in an IoT.

This is how tests are conducted

The IoT Test Node is able to detect different wireless standards and evaluate their data. In the automotive industry, WiFi, Bluetooth, UWB and V2X are used. Therefore, it is important that a smooth data transmission takes place. In addition, it is important to prevent data from other devices from causing interference in the IoT.

For example, the IoT Test Node is capable of simulating a smartphone. WiFi 6E signals as well as Bluetooth 5.2 signals are sent. This test environment then corresponds very closely to the usual application in the center console of a passenger car. Therefore, the evaluation produces results that are very similar to usual operation.

Where is the IoT Test Node from NOFFZ Technologies used?

Primarily, the use of this device is in industrial production. In particular, this involves end-of-line testing of Bluetooth, WiFi and all other interfaces. Since the device is equipped with numerous digital and analog inputs and outputs, it can be used very flexibly. This means that not only control commands or flash jobs are examined more closely. Pass/fail tests are also particularly important. It is therefore a versatile device that is indispensable in the field of industrial planning of IoT networks.

The IoT Test Node from NOFFZ Technologies is just the beginning

The company has announced that this device is just the beginning. There are plans for much more extensive test devices that will be important in the automotive industry. These will definitely include a test device for functional testing of UWB tags. This is the technology used in car keys. These must also function perfectly and not have any security gaps.

The well-known company NOFFZ Technologie has already developed numerous interesting measuring devices. Dazu gehören der Base Station Emulator UTP 5018 sowie der Universal Wireless Tester. Beim IoT Test Node handelt es sich jedoch um das erste Testgerät für den IoT-Bereich. Da sich diese Technik noch sehr viel weiter durchsetzen wird, steigt mit Sicherheit auch die Nachfrage nach nützlichen Testgeräten. Ohne diese Geräte wird es in einem komplex aufgebauten IoT-Netzwerk schwer, Fehler zu lokalisieren, um diese beheben zu können.

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