IoT wellness: the future of the hotel is smart


The Orlando, California-based Lake Nona Wave Hotel combines the latest IoT technology with artificial intelligence to deliver the best possible next-generation wellness experiences for its guests.

Every time has its tourism

It is said that people’s vacation habits always reflect the living conditions of the respective societies. In times of economic prosperity and good health, this can be easily observed in the all-inclusive mass tourism that is widespread among broad sections of society. Here, every citizen is potentially in a position to afford almost any vacation destination. This is made possible by discounts for large numbers of customers or reductions in comfort and service.

Crises as a quality boost

However, if the general environmental factors deteriorate and with them the possibilities of maintaining previous recreational models, many people become more willing to spend more money on what now appears to be the best time of the year. Some tourism companies are taking advantage of this development to invest in extras that appear worthwhile. Not only to be able to offer their customers more, new and better services. In an emerging smaller field of competitors, as a result of market shakeout effects, unique selling propositions are increasingly becoming a moment of long-term survival.

Technology as a lure

One starting point for attracting new customer bases is the integration of new technologies. What has been true for the rest of society for some time now has also begun to take hold in the tourism industry. Users who have become accustomed to the constant use of new technology at home often do not want to do without it when traveling. That’s why, for example, the automated networking of devices brought along at the point of arrival and the prompt transmission of new extra offers are now part of the norm.

Lake Nona Wave Hotel: IoT all inclusive

Dubbed the California living room of Lake Nona, Lake Nona Wave Hotel goes a significant step further in its quest to provide its customers with unforgettable moments of relaxation. Gone are the days of booking poorly cleaned and overbooked rooms, with no air conditioning and noisy neighbors. Here, everything imaginable and possible is interconnected for enhanced comfort. Over 12000 square meters of event space is teeming with the latest technology. 234 high-tech guest rooms await their tech-savvy visitors. In them, everything can be intelligently optimized. From voice-controlled use of the room, the efficient position of the bed and automated lighting to View Smart windows that can change their coloring to suit the customer. Even a robot named Rosie is available to help guests with their requests.

IoT wellness for the stressed

In addition to exploring unfamiliar countries and new cultures, increasing one’s own well-being is also an important incentive for more and more travelers when planning their vacations. But even in times of increased attention to health concerns, few people want to do without the comforts they are accustomed to. Lake Nona Wave Hotel takes care of this by offering visitors automatic air purification using UV light. A technology that can eliminate 100 percent of all pathogens without the need for any other protective measures. In specially designed living areas, it is also possible to monitor one’s own sleep patterns using artificial intelligence and make them more efficient. Virtual reality devices can be used to provide specific meditative experiences. According to the company’s management, the transformative restaurants and high-quality art installations are ideal for further experiences.

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