IRP Systems and Silence Urban Mobility Collaborate on Innovative Electric Vehicle Solutions


In the rapidly growing electric mobility industry, collaboration between companies is crucial to provide innovative solutions that meet customer requirements. Leading provider of advanced electric propulsion systems, IRP Systems, and Europe’s leading original equipment manufacturer in urban mobility, Silence Urban Mobility, have signed a trade agreement to address this need.

IRP Systems to Supply Advanced Dynamic 6 Motor Drive Switches to Silence for Electric Mobility Platforms

The agreement between IRP Systems and Silence Urban Mobility entails the delivery of IRP Systems’ advanced Dynamic 6 motor drive switches for various electric mobility platforms. These motor drive switches undergo rigorous testing, validation, and homologation processes to ensure that Silence’s electric vehicles meet the highest quality and durability standards, including ISO26262. This collaboration aims to provide Silence with superior performance and a unique driving experience, while also meeting the most demanding safety standards.

The advanced Dynamic 6 motor drive switches from IRP Systems are set to revolutionize the performance and driving experience of Silence’s vehicles. Developed through a close collaboration between Silence and IRP Systems, these motor drive switches have been designed to meet the highest safety and quality standards. Their integration into Silence’s product range is a testament to the successful partnership between the two companies, showcasing their commitment to delivering exceptional electric vehicles to the market.

The CEO of IRP Systems, Moran Price, emphasized the importance of collaboration and expressed optimism about the future. He stated that IRP is proud to be working with Silence, Europe’s number one supplier in the field of electromobility. Both companies are confident that their joint efforts will result in successful electric vehicles, enabling Silence to maintain and strengthen its market dominance.

IRP Systems is renowned for its innovative and high-performance electric propulsion systems. With a wide range of products, the company caters to various electric mobility platforms, making electric mobility accessible to everyone, everywhere. By incorporating groundbreaking technology in control algorithms and drivetrain design, IRP Systems’ products achieve an unparalleled level of efficiency and performance. This results in a unique driving experience and advanced functionalities, all while keeping costs affordable.

Silence Urban Mobility, the electric vehicle manufacturer of ACCIONA, specializes in developing emission-free motorcycles and cars with interchangeable batteries. Their impressive track record includes being the European market leader in electric motorcycle sales for four consecutive years, with a market share of 22.7%. Their latest innovation, the S04, is a small two-seater electric car designed for city commuting, equipped with interchangeable batteries. Silence’s commitment to sustainable mobility is evident in their cutting-edge products and dedication to reducing environmental impact.

The collaboration between IRP Systems and Silence Urban Mobility is set to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry by offering groundbreaking vehicles that deliver the highest levels of quality, performance, and safety. With advanced technology and innovative design, customers can expect a truly unique driving experience. This partnership will further strengthen Silence’s dominance in the electric mobility market and propel the future of sustainable transportation.

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