iTAC Software AG: Industry needs MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management)


Connected factories have been around for many years. A powerful IoT (Internet of Things) ensures that machines can exchange data with each other. This optimizes the workflow, so that the cost-effectiveness increases significantly. This resulted in the Manufacturing Execution Systems, MES for short.

MES optimizes the manufacturing process

With these modern systems, complex production chains can be almost completely automated. The MES is now reaching its limits as networking in companies continues to increase. Therefore, iTAC Software AG has now developed a higher level called MOM or Manufacturing Operations Management. According to iTAC, the MOM begins where the MES reaches its limits.

What can the MOM?

Put simply, the MOM from iTAC Software AG connects the MES with the ERP. Therefore, not only data is exchanged between the machines and systems. It is a multi-layered system that allows data exchange both vertically and horizontally. This means that different levels are connected and automated. It’s not just about the production or processing of products. In addition, processes in the area of ​​organization, material procurement and the processing of orders are automated. That is why iTAC’s Manufacturing Operations Management offers the first step towards a Smart Factory.

The modern MOM from iTAC Software AG

The MOM system of the iTAC suite has a modular structure and can be used in almost any company. This makes it possible to automate all processes from planning to the completion of products. The entire system works on the basis of AI. This is advantageous in that the best efficiency is achieved thanks to this technology.

Of course, predictions about completion can be given. Evaluations and analyzes take place continuously while the individual processes and procedures are taking place. This makes it easy to see if everything is going according to plan.

Optimal utilization of data

When developing the MOM, iTAC Software AG attached great importance to collecting and evaluating all the data generated during the planning and implementation of the processes. These are of particularly high value because they serve as the basis for artificial intelligence. The more data available, the more precise the evaluation options are.

Thanks to the integrated analytics functions, iTAC’s Manufacturing Operations Management is able to make exact predictions. The forecasts relate to the cost of materials, energy consumption and, of course, the time span. Since all data on the required resources is known, concrete calculations on the costs can be made in advance. This is an advantage for every company that should not be underestimated. On the one hand, clients want to know in advance what costs they can expect. The advantage for the company is that it can predict what financial resources will be required to carry out an order. This creates planning security.

With Manufacturing Operations Management, iTAC Software AG has developed a system that can be of interest to numerous companies. Companies that use iTAC’s MOM benefit from planning security, cost transparency and the efficient use of all available resources.

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