iTAG: RFID for retailer chain


iTAG, an IoT provider from Brazil, provided its RFID technology to the family supply retail chain A Principal Bebe & Mamae (APBM). The goal of the collaboration is to modernize and optimize merchandise management.

iTAG: customer favorite in various segments

iTAG is considered the largest radio frequency identification (RFID) company in Brazil. The company specializes in IoT implementations that make it possible to track goods. The implementation of these projects, in a wide variety of economic sectors, from manufacturing to distribution, has resulted in a large number of awards and more than positive customer reviews. iTAG has branches in Latin America and Asia, as well as a production facility in Taiwan.

APBM: Savings through RFID

APPBM is a Brazilian company focused on young families. It offers everything from clothing to strollers that new parents and their offspring need. APBM was one of the first customers to integrate iTAG’s RFID solution into its stores in three states. And noticeable successes could already be measured during the trial phase.

Streamlining and simplifying work

For example, APBM’s management registered significant improvements in the general handling of goods at an early stage. The technology led to a streamlining of operating processes and improved working conditions for employees. This applied both to supplier ordering processes and to the management of goods in the distribution center. The transformation process resulted in significant savings in terms of workload and time allotments.

iTAG: Digitalization of the supply chain

iTAG provided its APBM customer with various solutions for digitizing distribution structures. iPRINT was used to record freshly delivered goods in the chain’s management systems. The module could generate electronic codes for goods and print RFID tags. An RFID platform then provided information on which branch the products were shipped to next.

Equipment supplier cooperation for transformation

This readout was made possible by iTAG Monitor. iALERT took care of monitoring the delivery routes of the orders. The application was also responsible for receiving registration and inventory management.

The provisioning of the devices was made possible by iTAG’s cooperation with several IT equipment suppliers. The deployment with portable RFID readers for receiving, logistics and sales was carried out, among others, by UR4 and R3 reader kits from Chainway, an RFR 900 collector, as well as the 74 x 20 Adhesive with Impij R6 chips.

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