Itema Group uses SECO AI and IoT platform for revolutionary textile machines-as-a-service solutions


Itema Group, a leading manufacturer of web solutions for the textile industry, will present a pioneering as-a-service solution at ITMA 2023, which was developed in close cooperation with SECO. This solution is based on artificial intelligence and offers customised services specifically for the textile industry. By integrating AI-driven functions, Itema aims to provide significant added value to its customers. With this innovative solution, companies in the textile industry can improve their production efficiency, reduce costs and increase their operational efficiency.

Itema’s breakthrough solution: The future of machine efficiency is here

Ugo Ghilardi, CEO der Itema Gruppe (Foto: SECO Northern Europe GmbH)

Ugo Ghilardi, CEO der Itema Gruppe (Foto: SECO Northern Europe GmbH)

In a highly competitive and high-tech sector, Itema has developed a groundbreaking end-to-end solution that improves machine efficiency. By providing optimal setting parameters in real time, the Itema solution sets a new standard in the industry. Unlike existing solutions, which are mainly based on remote monitoring, the Itema solution provides a precise and effective way to increase efficiency. This innovative solution represents a decisive advantage for all participants in the value chain.

Itemalab, an Itema Group company focusing on product and process innovation, will focus on the development of innovative sensor systems and advanced connection protocols for weaving machines. The main objective is to fully and accurately capture the functional parameters of Itema weaving machines in order to compare the real machine with a digital reference model. This reference model is based on industry best practices for machine setting.

SECO contributes significantly to the development with its expertise in IoT, data orchestration and AI. The CLEA platform enables advanced data analytics to identify correlations between different categories of data. Through the use of secure protocols, this information is used to create customised digital twins that accurately map the behaviour of physical devices. This provides detailed insights into how machines work and offers both users and Itema designers valuable suggestions for improvement generated by specialised AI algorithms.

Thanks to the Itema solution offered, customers can take their machines to a new level of performance and optimise their operations. The implementation of this solution leads to a significant increase in the productivity and performance of the machines, as well as an improved user experience for the operators. At the same time, the solution simplifies the management of highly complex equipment from a mechanical, electronic and operational point of view and enables effective planning and optimisation of maintenance interventions by specialised technical personnel. Itema’s developed solutions meet the high performance requirements and offer customers tailor-made solutions for their specific needs.

The future, which is already a reality, is based on technology and data. Digital technologies open up the possibility for us to improve the interaction between man and machine and to optimise productivity and performance. The weaving machine is an outstanding example of a complex device that cleverly combines mechanical, electronic and textile principles. In this context, digitalisation and the development of new software solutions are of great importance to deliver useful innovations to both the weaver and the entrepreneur. Valuable synergies can be created by optimising and simplifying otherwise complex and time-consuming processes. Partnering with a leader in the software industry such as SECO allows Itema to share experience, knowledge and ideas, thereby delivering valuable improvements for their customers.

More and more companies are realising the enormous potential of digital technologies and artificial intelligence as effective tools to develop value-adding functions along their value chain. Massimo Mauri, CEO of SECO, expresses his pleasure to support and provide advanced solutions to an innovative company like Itema. These solutions will enable Itema to improve its business model by implementing AI-enabled services, thus strengthening its offering in the market.

Versatility and quality: Itema Group as a leader in manufacturing and marketing”

Massimo Mauri, CEO von SECO (Foto: SECO Northern Europe GmbH)

Massimo Mauri, CEO von SECO (Foto: SECO Northern Europe GmbH)

The Itema Group is a global group specialising in the development and marketing of advanced weaving solutions, composite products and integrated services. The parent company Itema has established itself as the world’s leading supplier of weaving machines. A unique feature of Itema is that it is the only manufacturer in the world to offer weaving machines with the three leading technologies for weft insertion without weft: Rapier, Air Nozzle and Projectile. This diversity enables customers to select the best possible solution for their specific requirements and to benefit from Itema’s outstanding expertise.

In the industrial sector, the Itema Group is represented by its subsidiaries Schoch® and Lamiflex®. Schoch® is a leading manufacturer of accessories for the textile industry and offers innovative solutions for various applications. Lamiflex®, on the other hand, is a supplier of composite components, serving customers in the textile machinery, industrial, aerospace and medical sectors. In addition to these activities, Itemmalab®, Itema®’s innovation incubator, acts as a provider of transversal systems engineering and business process reengineering services to external companies to optimise their business processes.

An impressive turnover of 337.5 million euros in 2022 makes the Itema Group a major player in the textile industry. The company has a global reach and employs a total of 1,100 people working in 7 production facilities and 15 offices worldwide. The headquarters in Colzate, province of Bergamo, serves as the central hub for strategic planning and coordination of business activities. The Itema Group’s shareholder structure shows that 60% of the company’s shares are held by the Gianni Radici family of heirs, while the Arizzi and Torri families own the remaining 40%.

SECO Northern Europe: Innovative portfolio of customised embedded systems”

SECO Northern Europe is a leading developer and producer of embedded systems that are precisely tailored to customers’ needs. The company’s product portfolio includes a wide range of solutions, including Single Board Computers, System On Modules, Human Machine Interfaces as well as fully customised integrated systems and payment systems. With additional solutions for data processing at the edge and in the cloud, SECO Northern Europe offers its customers easy and fast access to forward-looking technological solutions. A key focus is on the integration of artificial intelligence in all relevant developments to provide customers with innovative and competitive solutions. The company serves customers from various industries, including OEMs and system integrators in the target markets of vending machines, medical and laboratory technology, coffee and catering technology, security technology and industrial automation. SECO Northern Europe has earned a reputation for its world-class, customised products and solutions and is a trusted partner for customers worldwide.

Thanks to the acquisition of Garz & Fricke Group by SECO, a renowned Italian company specialised in embedded systems and listed on the stock exchange (IOT.MI). This strategic acquisition opens up new growth opportunities for SECO and expands its portfolio of products and services. The company now has an impressive workforce of over 900 employees worldwide and, with 5 production facilities, 10 R&D centres and sales offices in 9 countries, is ideally positioned to serve the growing demand for embedded solutions.

SECO Northern Europe acts as the representative of the SECO group of companies in the Northern European market and is responsible in particular for the German-speaking DACH regions. The company offers a wide range of products and services and is considered a pioneer in the areas of IoT and AI solutions. Through its stock exchange listing, SECO Northern Europe has a strong financial position. Its focus on innovative technologies enables the company to create significant added value for its customers. SECO Northern Europe is headquartered in Hamburg.

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