Johnson Controls OpenBlue: IoT platform and AI-powered solutions for more efficient buildings


OpenBlue from Johnson Controls was presented at the ISH. At the trade fair in Frankfurt am Main, the building expert showed how decarbonization can be driven forward with the help of innovative solutions.

Johnson Controls and OpenBlue: New solutions for pressing issues

These are challenging times, and Johnson Controls is well aware of that. With OpenBlue, the building expert is now introducing an innovative solution to address the urgent problem of decarbonization. The focus is clearly on software solutions that allow real-time building management. Johnson Controls softwares are the answers to the question of how to achieve this building management.

The basis here is sensors, operating equipment and connected systems that lead to comprehensive and transparent building management. According to Johnson Controls, in order to maintain an efficient building, AI must be used.

Johnson Controls focuses on overarching management for buildings, primarily addressing energy and security, but also sustainability and efficiency. Integrated systems are optimized, enabling predictive maintenance. All connected systems are constantly analyzed. In this way, deviations can be detected directly. The software is said to be able to sound an alarm if certain threshold values are exceeded, so that irregularities that are already present can be corrected before they lead to malfunctions.

The benefits of Johnson Controls’ software solution

OpenBlue is designed to ensure that fail-safety is increased, and it is also about more efficient operation of plants. If these are properly utilized and maintained at predictable intervals, efficiency within the company increases. At the same time, the use of personnel and costs can be reduced. Building users enjoy significantly greater comfort, while energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.

OpenBlue is available in the cloud and is connected to building automation systems via interfaces. For building operators, this makes it easier to meet the environmental targets set: EU Building Directive and EU Taxonomy can be met more easily, as can the Green Deal. Furthermore, OpenBlue supports people in creating reports on building management as well as on individual areas thereof.

Equally advantageous is the simple integration of applications from building management into the graphical user interface of OpenBlue. The resulting graphics are dynamized and fully scalable. Furthermore, risk analyses and remote diagnostics become possible. Important for customers of Johnson Controls: The company develops individual action plans that take into account the respective situation of the customer and with which the path towards decarbonization can be taken. This takes into account the unfortunately still existing problem of a lack of skilled workers as well as energy dependency.

About Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls sees itself as a designer of people’s environments, including living, working and recreational spaces. The world’s leading company focuses on sustainable buildings and has been a key partner for new solutions for nearly 140 years. Included are new ways for healthcare and education, airports, industrial companies and data centers. More than 100,000 people are employed in around 150 countries worldwide to deliver the company’s portfolio of building technology, service and software solutions.

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