Kerlink Clickie: IoT building management for enterprises


Kerlink, a French provider of LoRaWAN IoT networks has entered into a cooperation with Chile’s Clickie, a specialist in real-time monitoring of electricity consumption. In a joint project, they aim to help store chains minimize their resource consumption.

Kerlink: IoT supplier and service provider

The global developer supports companies, cities, network operators and entire industries in setting up IoT networks in the private or public sector. Its portfolio includes the latest generation of IoT devices, as well as the associated operating software. In addition to production, its services also include commissioning and maintenance of the equipment.

The systems impress with their ease of use, their powerful structures, as well as their cost-efficient integration. Clickie chose to work with Kerlink because it wants to offer its customers stable, secure and sustainable IoT technology.

Clickie: resource optimizer

Chile-based Clickie’s mission is to help companies improve their energy balances. To do so, it focuses primarily on monitoring and managing electricity consumption in real time. The means used to achieve this are based on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and management tools.

Optimized power consumption

With Clickie applications, a variety of useful functions become possible. For example, constant monitoring of power consumption can lead to peak consumption times and less heavily used time intervals becoming apparent. Specially adjusted alarm systems can report the latter to systems for evaluation. These, in turn, then enable the general consumption to be better controlled through the management of automatic switch-on and switch-off. The result is optimized usage times that save resources.

Remote maintenance of the room climate

In addition, these solutions are also capable of offering their users the prospect of shaping the indoor climate remotely. For example, Clickie-Kerlink technology can also be used to remotely control air conditioners and thermostats. Shopkeepers can set the same temperature in all of their stores, based on requests from customers.

The managing platform also has a device that can turn key functions on and off half an hour before and after store operations. This time-controlled operation can also be extended to whole days, e.g. when there is no work on the weekend.

Clickie: first measurable successes

The fact that Clicki’s work can lead to measurable success is proven by the impressive figures. For example, the company claims to have helped a large chain of stores significantly save resources while at the same time increasing its previous performance. Twenty percent of energy and 240,000 kilograms of CO2 per year were saved during the course of the project. At the same time, the useful life of the equipment used was increased by twenty-five percent.

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