Keysight Technologies: Collaboration with Samsung Research for 6G discovery


Keysight Technologies, the U.S. metrology company, wants to work with South Korea’s Samsung Research to accelerate research and development of the upcoming 6G mobile communications standard. To this end, they have now issued a joint declaration of intent.

6G for TSN, AI, Industry 4.0

Above all, the two companies expect research into the new standard to lead to significant leaps in innovation in technologies already in use today. Whether in the expansion of near-time networks (TSN), digital twins, artificial intelligence or holography-based communication, they are all said to have enormous potential that is still dormant. As a first step, agreement has been reached on the development of techniques to help test and verify the functions of 6G wireless systems.

MoU for AI air interfaces

In their memorandum of understanding (MoU), the two companies agreed to devote more effort to exploring potential applications for AI-based air interfaces. Air interfaces support Massive MIMO antenna technology. They can be used to build very dense and energy-optimized networks, enabling low latency and terabit wireless data transfers.

Keysight and Samsung: Knowledge Meets Design

Keysight brings to the collaboration its extensive knowledge for numerous application areas. In addition to testing data center connectivity and analyzing signal sources, it also includes emulation of end devices, channels and networks. This knowledge will not only enable Samsung to use Keysight’s test equipment for reviews in the areas of security, performance, interoperability and compliance. It should also enable research on future 6G designs.

Beneficial partnership since 5G

Samsung and Keysight already have a long-term and beneficial partnership. For example, the two companies have already successfully cooperated in the development of 5G New Radio (NR) to market maturity, among other projects. Now, Samsung in particular expects to make significant progress in its 6G plan to implement artificial intelligence with communications technology in software solutions through its collaboration with Keysight.

Keysight expects the project to result in a significant increase in wireless structures that provide connectivity for different networks. Through the cooperation with Samsung, the company hopes to improve its current test solutions. They should ultimately lead to the manufacture of different products for the upcoming 6G standard.

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