Kinetos Solutions: new partner of Phoenix Contact


Phoenix Contact is a global group of companies. This company is active in the fields of digitization, networking and electrification. With its innovative developments, Phoenix Contact promotes the transformation of society and various commercial companies into a sustainable growth zone.

Phoenix Contact Deutschland GmbH enters into a partnership with Kinetos Solutions

Phoenix Contact is now also active in the field of mobility. This company now has more than 20,000 employees and generates annual sales of around 3.0 billion euros.

Kinetos Solutions is a German manufacturer that operates in the field of e-mobility and in particular in charging technology. The products offered include fast charging stations, wall boxes and onboard chargers in electric vehicles.

Kinetos Solutions is based in Cologne and employs around 20 people in Germany. However, this company also has a business license in Luzhou. This place is located in the well-known province of Sichuan. From there, distribution takes place throughout Asia.

What are the benefits of merging Kinetos Solutions with Phoenix Contact?

These two companies expect great benefits from the cooperation. Since both Phoenix Contact and Kinetos Solutions are active in the field of electromobility, the goal is to optimize charging technologies and set up a new and efficient charging infrastructure. Above all, customer-specific solutions are to be developed that offer high added value.

In general, there is great interest in electromobility. In some states, this form of transportation has already gained momentum. Often, however, there is a lack of infrastructure. Not only are there a lack of charging stations, but the charging processes often take far too long. In addition, there are always problems with compatibility. It is precisely these problems that Kinetos Solutions and Phoenix Contact want to tackle and find solutions to.

Transfer of knowledge and experience from both companies

The greatest benefit that both Phoenix Contact and Kinetos Solutions derive from the collaboration is the exchange of experience and knowledge. Both companies have been dealing with this topic for several years.

The lack of charging stations and the sometimes cumbersome charging processes are currently still the biggest obstacle to the expansion of electromobility. That is why both companies are pooling their know-how and dealing with the development of modern loading structures. This not only benefits the manufacturers of electric vehicles, but also the owners of electrically powered cars. In the long run it is also a huge benefit for the environment.

Phoenix Contact and Kinetos Solutions are very excited about the merger because they have high hopes for each other. This can result in greater economic success for both companies. In addition, new technologies can be developed by bundling knowledge. These will certainly contribute to electromobility becoming more attractive.

Both partners are certain that public acceptance of electric vehicles will increase significantly if mobility becomes just as comfortable as with conventional combustion engines. In addition, the more e-cars on the roads, the less CO2 is emitted. In the long term, this can mean that climate targets can be met. There is even talk that the cooperation between Phoenix Contact and Kinetos Solutions can play a small part in stopping climate change.

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