EcoServ: A Digital Cleaning Concept Revolutionizing the Industry


Klüh Cleaning’s EcoServ is a groundbreaking digital cleaning concept that sets new standards in flexibility, efficiency, user orientation, and sustainability. By integrating IoT framework, sensors, customizable SmartButtons, and dedicated software, EcoServ enables efficient and resource-saving processes, seamless communication, and highly personalized services in real-time.

Klüh Cleaning revolutionizes building cleaning with EcoServ technology

Klüh Cleaning, with the support of its EcoServ competence team, offers a customer-specific consulting approach and delivers a service that is as flexible as today’s working environment. By utilizing SmartButtons and specialized software, customer needs are captured in real-time and transferred to a dynamic Runsheet. This guides cleaning personnel through the cleaning area on a handheld tablet, visually indicating the priority of each task. The seamless communication and immediate response provided result in significant time savings and improved quality for facility managers.

The EcoServ concept offers a significant advantage in the field of Smart Building by collecting data on building usage and occupancy and linking it to interactive floor plans. This enables the identification of unused areas and allows cleaning to be done only when necessary, resulting in time and budget savings, especially in times of flexible work schedules, remote work, and shared desk concepts. Additionally, the demand-driven cleaning optimizes the use of water, energy, and cleaning products, while the generated data provides valuable insights for sustainability strategies.

Klüh Cleaning’s EcoServ offers a revolutionary solution for building cleaning. By integrating innovative technologies, it enhances flexibility and efficiency, enables tailored service, and conserves resources. The concept adapts to the needs of the modern working world and provides solutions for smart buildings and sustainability strategies. With EcoServ, Klüh Cleaning sets new standards in the cleaning industry.

Klüh Cleaning revolutionizes building cleaning with EcoServ digital concept

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