KATHREIN Solutions and QUAD GmbH Partner to Expand RFID Technology


The collaboration between KATHREIN Solutions and QUAD GmbH represents a significant milestone for both companies. This partnership opens up new opportunities for exploring application fields and markets in the RFID technology sector. Additionally, it strengthens the delivery capacity in the DACH region, enabling customers to be supplied with high-quality RFID solutions even faster and more efficiently. The improved delivery capability, expanded expertise, and regional proximity of the partners provide sustainable advantages for our customers.

QUAD GmbH expands portfolio with RFID and RTLS solutions

The QUAD GmbH is a well-known provider of comprehensive consulting and project support in various industries, including retail, food industry, gastronomy, as well as industrial and OEM applications. Their extensive portfolio includes built-in scanners and RFID and AutoID solutions for access control, ticket machines, sorting and packing machines, and production plants. The collaboration with KATHREIN Solutions expands the QUAD GmbH’s portfolio with RFID and RTLS hardware for identification and localization solutions, opening up new opportunities for application fields in a globally digitalized world.

RFID technology enables automated identification for improved process efficiency

RFID technology revolutionizes the way objects and people are identified and tracked by enabling automatic identification without direct line of sight. This breakthrough innovation has significant implications for industries ranging from manufacturing to logistics to retail, as it allows for streamlined and automated processes. By efficiently generating and analyzing large volumes of data, RFID facilitates real-time monitoring and optimization of material and production flows, resulting in increased efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

KATHREIN Solutions and QUAD provide valuable support for companies in their digitalization and optimization efforts of internal processes. With their expertise and comprehensive technology offerings, they help businesses tackle the challenges of modern economy, secure their markets and customers, and establish a sustainable future. Through this partnership, companies can benefit from innovative process concepts and advanced RFID solutions, enabling them to successfully navigate the demands of a rapidly changing business environment.

Companies looking to digitize their logistics and production and optimize their internal processes can now benefit from the expertise and comprehensive technology offerings of KATHREIN Solutions and QUAD. This collaboration promises innovative and forward-thinking process concepts that enable companies to successfully overcome the challenges of the modern economy, secure their markets and customers, and position themselves sustainably for the future.

Enhancing RFID Technology: The Benefits of KATHREIN Solutions and QUAD Partnership

The collaboration between KATHREIN Solutions and QUAD GmbH opens up new possibilities for RFID technology. By strengthening delivery capacities, expanding expertise, and establishing regional proximity, customers can benefit in a sustainable manner. This partnership promises innovative process concepts that support companies in digitizing their logistics and production, as well as optimizing their internal processes. With advanced RFID solutions, businesses can successfully overcome the challenges of the modern economy and position themselves sustainably for the future.

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