Landis+Gyr IoT-ready Smart Meter: Safe and efficient electricity metering possible


Electricity meters have been with people for a long time. Now there is a new generation of electricity meters like the Landis+Gyr IoT-ready Smart Meter. Landis+Gyr expand their IoT platform.

The services of the Landis+Gyr IoT-ready Smart Meter: new, secure and efficient.

IoT-ready smart meters have been around for a while, but they continue to be reengineered. That’s what’s happening at Landis+Gyr, too. The company is continually working to expand its smart meter portfolio. The features of the new Landis+Gyr IoT-ready smart meter build on and extend Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream Connect IoT platform.

The platform itself was launched back in 2019 and targeted residential and industrial customers with its services. But power flows are proving to be more and more unpredictable, driven by customer feeds into the grid, the use of renewable energy, and the growing number of e-cars to be charged at home as well.

Consumers, on the other hand, have the demand to have the necessary amount of electricity at their disposal at any time and to control the costs incurred. The features of the Landis+Gyr IoT-ready smart meter allow exactly that and work significantly more accurately and faster than other modern meters.

New possibilities in application

The new Landis+Gyr IoT-ready smart meters feature advanced architecture, advanced metering technology and a modular approach. It is possible to operate the meters efficiently and reliably. For private households, there is the E360 series here with its two models, which can be used in personal energy management. They provide the necessary data for electricity billing and also give information about the quality of the electricity.

Offered are these models:

  • E360 CT LTE for higher consumption.
  • E360 S2 3 phase LTE for multi-utility applications

In each case, data can be transmitted in real time, which is extremely advantageous for distribution network operators in particular.

For industrial customers, the E660 Series 2 model is a high-performance electricity meter that enables monitoring of the network as well as control of the network edge. The communication module is interchangeable, and an expansion module is available for additional functions. Interaction with other systems is also possible.

New meters, new possibilities

The introduction of smart electricity meters will offer additional functions in the area of communication, and the existing IoT platform Gridstream Connect will be expanded. Various LTE communication technologies will be integrated, role-based access and end-to-end data encryption are a given. The biggest goal of keeping the network constant even in harsh environments seems to be feasible with the new electricity meters. At the same time, the current highest security standards are met.

About Landis+Gyr

The energy industry has long benefited from the solutions offered by Landis+Gyr. Now the world’s leading provider of various energy management solutions, Landis+Gyr delivers innovative and customizable solutions to companies in the energy supply sector. These solutions, in turn, can be used to overcome complex challenges that exist in smart infrastructure as well as those related to smart metering.

The company’s sales in fiscal 2020 were around $1.4 billion, and Landis+Gyr is represented on five continents and here in 30 countries. More than 5,000 employees work for the company.

For more information on smart meters and the company itself, please contact the press office:

Anoop Gangadharan (Head of Product Marketing)
Phone +41 41 935 60 88

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