Urban logistics 2023: Sustainability and innovative approaches dominate the last mile


Under the guiding theme of sustainability, Last Mile City Logistics (LMCL) Berlin will take place at Motorwerk Berlin on 28 and 29 June 2023. The event brings together stakeholders from different areas of the last mile of delivery and offers a comprehensive platform for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and solutions in the context of sustainable city logistics. Participants have the opportunity to find out about current trends and challenges, learn about innovative approaches and make valuable contacts.

Last mile city logistics as the key to sustainable urban supply in 2023

Last Mile City Logistics (LMCL) acts as a pioneering platform that brings together all the stakeholders involved in the last mile of delivery in a unique way. Here, companies, developers, start-ups, scientists and solution providers have the opportunity to work together on sustainable logistics solutions, from those responsible for order processing in e-commerce to providers of mobility and microdepot solutions as well as representatives of municipalities and cities. The LMCL offers a comprehensive programme that includes high-level presentations, interactive workshops, discussion panels and an exhibition to comprehensively address the current challenges of the last mile.

Priority Sustainability: Ways to a resource-efficient society

The Logistics and Sustainability Conference (LMCL) represents an important milestone when it comes to the central issue of sustainability in the logistics industry. The renowned expert on weather and climate change, Thomas Ranft, opens the conference with a keynote address in which he impressively addresses the multi-layered effects of climate change on the logistics industry. The event puts a strong focus on the need to develop more sustainable approaches to the last mile in order to effectively address the current challenges and drive positive change in the industry.

Optimisation potential: focus on the last mile in eCommerce

A special thematic focus within the Logistics and Mobility Congress Leipzig (LMCL) is dedicated to the close connection between eCommerce and the final stage of the delivery process, the so-called “last mile”. Within the framework of an informative presentation, Marten Bosselmann, representative of the Bundesverband Paket & Expresslogistik e.V. (BIEK), will talk about the progress and developments in the market for courier, express and parcel services (CEP market). In addition, other presentations will shed light on the role of delivery logistics within the e-commerce value chain and address the various possibilities for cooperation and consolidation on the final leg of the goods delivery journey.

Innovative concept for sustainable mobility on the last mile

At the Last Mile City Logistics (LMCL) event, there is a big focus on promoting mobility and intermodality in the last phase of goods delivery. High-profile experts such as Beres Seelbach from Onomotion GmbH and Jonas Kremer from isicargo GmbH exchange ideas intensively on the use of cargo bikes in logistics. Julian Maas from the Technical University of Berlin presents an impressive showcase for autonomous driving, and Cenntro Automotive GmbH offers an inspiring keynote speech that encourages a change of perspective on the last mile. A concluding panel discussion rounds off this thematic block and sheds light on the diverse use of different mobility solutions as well as the immense importance of intermodality on the last delivery leg.

Flexibility and convenience: microdeposits, parcel boxes and parcel stations as an alternative to doorstep delivery

An important part of the LMCL (Logistics and Mobility Conference) is dedicated to the topics of microdepots, parcel boxes and parcel stations. The companies Cycle Logistics CL GmbH, DB Station & Service AG and APCOA Parking Deutschland GmbH will present practical examples and theoretical concepts. Of particular interest is the digital promotion of climate-friendly mobility concepts in freight transport by ReLUT Frankfurt University of Applied Science. Finally, there will be a panel discussion focusing on the use of space for transhipment areas in the last mile.

Acting with an eye to the future: The synergy of media house logistics and data use

The LMCL is intensively dedicated to the integration of media house logistics and the efficient use of data in the delivery industry. The event will feature top-class experts such as Sebastian Wehowski from PTV Logistics, Harald Hempel from DAKO GmbH and Gerd Seber from DPD Deutschland GmbH as speakers. In their presentations, they will show the potential that digitalisation and the consistent use of data offer for optimised delivery logistics. In addition, innovative applications such as the use of artificial intelligence for microhubs will be presented.

Key actors on the ground: How cities and municipalities drive progress”

The responsibility for shaping the last mile lies not only with the companies, but also with the cities and municipalities. To strengthen this shared responsibility, the LMCL offers the KommunalWERKSTATT. This special event format is aimed at municipal representatives who can learn from ongoing projects, discuss strategies for the future and make valuable contacts. The KommunalWERKSTATT serves as an excellent platform for exchange and cooperation between all relevant stakeholders in the field of urban logistics.

Postal law changes: An overview of the effects

The new version of the Postal Act has extensive implications for the logistics industry. As part of the Logistics and Mail Conference (LMCL), a panel discussion with prominent figures from the industry will be organised to discuss the future of postal services and possible solutions to the challenges involved.

From innovations to challenges: A look behind the scenes

The Workshop Area of the LMCL is a lively meeting place for the exchange of ideas and innovations. Here you can take part in stimulating debates, present your projects in pitch rounds and make valuable contacts at networking sessions. These varied activities open up the opportunity to expand your professional network in the industry and gain new impetus for your creative ventures.

Shared strength: How strong partnerships lead to success

In order to advance the logistics industry and inform about groundbreaking developments, the LMCL works in close partnership with important associations in the field. These include the BdKEP, the Radlogistikverband Deutschland and the Urban Logistics Topic Group of the German Logistics Association. This cooperation creates a network that facilitates the exchange of information and promotes innovative ideas.

Last Mile City Logistics 2023 will create a platform where experts and decision-makers from the logistics industry come together to tackle the challenges of the last mile of delivery. The event programme is rich and includes top-class lectures, inspiring discussions and practice-oriented workshops. The aim is to develop sustainable solutions that improve the efficiency and environmental sustainability of the last mile of delivery. By sharing experiences and bringing together different perspectives, the event aims to help shape the future of the logistics industry.

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