Illuminating the Future: Lepro Introduces LightGPT™ AI Lighting


Lepro, the manufacturer of intelligent lighting solutions, has introduced a groundbreaking advancement with the Lepro B1. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies LightGPT and LightBeats, the Lepro B1 promises to transform ordinary spaces into captivating immersive experiences.

LightGPT: The Future of Ambient Lighting

Leveraging the proprietary LightGPT technology as the cornerstone of Lepro’s innovations, users embark on a revolutionary AI-driven lighting experience. This unique system recommends real-time light effects based on voice commands or uploaded photos. Via the user-friendly Lepro app, individuals can share their current moods, accessing tailor-made, AI-generated light effects. Be it a festive dinner party or a laid-back evening, LightGPT seamlessly adjusts lighting to the context, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

LightGPT: Illuminating Emotions with Advanced Algorithm Understanding

The Lepro B1 stands apart from conventional lighting systems by adapting to your current mood. Utilizing facial expressions and vocal nuances analysis, LightGPT offers a range of lighting options that seamlessly align with your emotions. A simple selfie taken with your smartphone and uploaded through the Lepro app results in a personally tailored lighting experience that authentically reflects your feelings.

Illuminating Harmony: LightBeats Unites Light and Music

Music and light, the two fundamental elements of room ambiance, now unite like never before with the LightBeats technology. Seamlessly synchronizing light patterns with music and rhythm, LightBeats creates a multisensory experience that deeply engages the human nervous system. Whether for lively parties or intimate gatherings, LightBeats consistently sets the perfect mood.

Illuminating the Path Ahead: Unveiling Future Lighting

Lepro envisions a world where AI technology enriches everyday experiences. However, with the introduction of B1, the company isn’t merely presenting a product; it’s ushering in a new era for the entire lighting industry. Leo, CEO of Lepro Innovation, emphasizes that the innovations of LightGPT and LightBeats showcase the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of future AI possibilities.

Endless Lighting Possibilities: 3500+ Individually Generated Effects

With its advanced hands-free voice control, the Lepro B1 opens up a world of customized lighting scenarios. Users can choose from a diverse array of pre-defined scenes, each tailored to specific activities or occasions. Whether you’re engrossed in reading, practicing yoga, or hosting a festive gathering, the Lepro B1 offers a versatile range of scenarios for optimal lighting adaptation.

Effortless Control: Managing Lighting with Alexa and Google Assistant

With the Lepro B1, effortlessly manage multiple devices for various scenes or rooms with a single tap. Seamlessly integrate the Lepro B1 into your smart home ecosystem using popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant to enhance comfort and user-friendliness.

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