HY-LINE Technology expands product portfolio with innovative Wireless Modules


HY-LINE Technology GmbH, a leading value-added distributor and solution provider, has recently expanded its product portfolio with four innovative wireless modules: C41QS, C16QS, C20QM, and C11GS. These modules feature eSIM technology, allowing for easy integration into the CAVLI Hubble platform, which offers global device and connectivity management. With their advanced features, these modules are ideal for various applications such as smart metering, smart parking, logistics, and asset tracking.

HY-LINE Technology introduces cutting-edge LTE Cat NB2 module for smart metering and surveillance

The LTE Cat NB2 module C41QS is designed specifically for applications such as smart metering, smart parking, sensor, and surveillance applications. It offers outstanding performance with support for the 3GPP E-UTRA Release 14 standards. Additionally, the module is available with integrated GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and eSIM, enabling global connectivity. With its advanced features and options, this module provides a reliable and efficient solution for various IoT applications.

C16QS Module: The Ideal Solution for Logistics and Automotive

The C16QS module is specifically designed for solutions in logistics, automotive, vehicle tracking, and various other applications. It supports Singlemode LTE CAT 1 and is based on 3GPP Release 14. With its integrated eSIM and GNSS technology, this module allows for global deployment.

C20QM Module: The Ultimate Choice for IoT and M2M Applications

The LTE Cat 4/2G module C20QM is an excellent choice for IoT and M2M applications such as asset tracking, e-mobility, data logging, fleet management, and environmental monitoring. With its pin compatibility to other modules like C10GS LTE Cat 4, C10GS LTE Cat 1/Cat 4, and C10QM, it allows for flexible migration. Additionally, it features the Qualcomm(R) IZat(TM) Gen8C Lite localization technology, ensuring precise and reliable positioning. Supporting various internet protocols and industry-standard interfaces like VoLTE and SMS over IMS/SG/CS, the C20QM module is available for the European, Asian, and North American markets. The eSIM functionality is optional.

C11GS Module: Ideal Choice for Demanding IoT and M2M Applications

The LTE Cat 4-EU module C11GS is specifically designed for IoT and M2M applications that require medium to high data throughput, location information, and global deployment. It complies with the 3GPP Release 9 and the 450 MHz Alliance standard. With an optional eSIM, it enables global connectivity, making it ideal for location tracking purposes. Additionally, the module features an optional integrated GNSS, allowing for precise location determination. The Linux-based SDK allows for application-specific code, eliminating the need for an external host MCU.

HY-LINE Technology’s Wireless Modules: Empowering IoT and M2M Applications

The new wireless modules from HY-LINE Technology provide numerous benefits for IoT and M2M applications. With their eSIM capabilities, these modules offer easy integration into the CAVLI Hubble platform and enable global connectivity. In addition, they support various standards and provide features such as GNSS and precise positioning. These modules are the ideal choice for applications such as smart metering, smart parking, logistics, automotive, vehicle tracking, asset tracking, and e-mobility, among others. Choose HY-LINE Technology and take advantage of the groundbreaking benefits these wireless modules offer for your IoT projects.

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