EMO 2023: Marposs Showcases Cutting-Edge Solutions from Workpiece to Operations Overview


(English): Marposs unveils groundbreaking solutions at EMO 2023 for manufacturing metrology and production monitoring, heralding a paradigm shift in the industry. These innovative approaches redefine the standards, optimizing manufacturing processes and ensuring higher precision and efficiency. Marposs sets new benchmarks by showcasing advanced technologies that reshape the manufacturing landscape.

Future Factory Advancements: Marposs Unveils Comprehensive EMO Solutions

Approaching the factory of the future, Marposs introduces groundbreaking solutions at EMO 2023 that are poised to reshape the manufacturing landscape. As a pioneer in manufacturing and measurement technology, the company presents a comprehensive range of holistic solutions. These solutions not only address the precision requirements of individual workpieces but also encompass the machine itself and the entire production process. In an era where precision and efficiency are paramount, Marposs takes a pivotal role with its advanced measurement and monitoring systems to enhance productivity, quality, and cost optimization.

Precision from the Start: Optimizing Workpieces at Onset

Marposs redefines manufacturing precision. Their groundbreaking solutions start even before production begins with the innovative visual tool measuring device VTS SF-45 Compact. This device sets a new standard for flexibility, suitable for various tool sizes and machine types. From tool setup to process control, it offers diverse applications. The Marposs Ultra Probing System further optimizes the manufacturing process using ultra-wideband technology.

The intelligent and fully automated monitoring system plays a pivotal role in this context. Advanced monitoring and detection systems promptly identify deviations and continuously adjust the production process. This intelligent monitoring not only minimizes undesired production interruptions and collisions but also optimizes processing, thereby enhancing efficiency. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity while simultaneously alleviating the burden on personnel. Across diverse production lines and extended timeframes, this approach ensures consistent processing quality and significantly reduces defective parts.

Machine Care for Longevity: Focus on Preventive Measures

Maintaining the machine condition is of utmost importance, and Marposs offers solutions that prevent damage and extend machine lifespan. These systems not only monitor production but also detect potential deviations in planning. Regular machine inspections ensure the precision and quality of movements, ensuring a smooth production process.

The monitoring and measurement systems extend beyond mere machine monitoring. They discern the machine’s condition and provide early indications for necessary repairs, facilitating timely replacement part procurement. In addition to spindle and axis monitoring, other components are also viable candidates for precise monitoring.

Inadequate machine conditions and component failures result in defective products and production downtime. Targeted maintenance, however, reduces costs. In case of damage, the system halts the machine instantly, thereby minimizing subsequent damages and downtime.

For the Entire Manufacturing Process – The Smart Factory 4.0

Marposs translates the Smart Factory vision into reality with its analytics platform. Real-time data on diverse operational parameters is collected to ensure continuous production optimization. The Factory 4.0 tools establish benchmarks and identify improvement potentials – be it in terms of NC machining programs, tool settings, or power consumption. The detailed analysis at the operational level aids in identifying factors that adversely affect productivity.

At EMO 2023, Marposs proudly unveils the latest iteration of their Smart Factory software, C-THRU 4.0. This web-based suite features an intuitive interface and comprises five modules, each tailored to different operational aspects. This move underscores Marposs’ commitment to crafting a connected, efficient, and forward-looking manufacturing landscape.

Shaping the Future of Manufacturing – A Conclusion

(English): Marposs’ innovations showcased at EMO 2023 signify a turning point in the manufacturing industry. From precise tool processing to comprehensive production analysis, Marposs offers holistic solutions. Enhancing productivity, ensuring quality, and optimizing costs are focal points. These innovations lay the foundation for a pioneering future, positioning Marposs as a trailblazer on the path to Smart Factory 4.0.

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