Marposs relies on 3D precision inspection with OptoCloud EDU in electromobility


Marposs will present the latest generation of 3D precision inspection solutions at Control, including the OptoCloud EDU, which can perform impressive measurements in the shortest possible time.

Marposs commits to sustainability with electric mobility solution

OptoCloud EDU is a customised solution from Marposs that was developed specifically for the high quality requirements in the production of electric vehicles. The company is thus sending a strong signal for the expansion of electromobility and making an important contribution to the promotion of sustainable development.

OptoCloud EDU offers an innovative way to quickly and accurately model challenging workpieces and automate defect detection. This uses multiple laser sensors that create a detailed point cloud of the part as the workpiece rapidly rotates 360°. The Marposs software handles the data processing and enables accurate measurement and inspection of the part.

OptoCloud EDU provides rapid validation of a wide range of geometric measurement and inspection features on a motor stator in just 30 seconds. Ideal for quality control on the production line, this system features easy-to-use part handling where the Z-axis automatically moves the laser sensors out of the work area, providing ample space for part handling.

The combination of 3D reconstruction and interactive navigation enables a quick and easy check within a few seconds.

OPTOFLASH becomes even more precise: 3D inspection solution now available

Marposs is presenting another innovation at the Control trade fair: The 3D software suite for the OPTOFLASH precision measuring device. The device captures 2D images of small wave-shaped parts and fasteners and combines them into a 3D model of the workpiece. This enables easy handling of the workpiece and detailed, precise evaluation. The process is patent pending and particularly useful for measuring interrupted surfaces and threads.

MAINDO: One platform for all quality control systems

With MAINDO, Marposs has created a digital platform that enables comprehensive monitoring of production. The platform collects and analyses all relevant data of the manufacturing process, including measured values, test results, process monitoring and quality assurance and quality management information. In combination with Quarta EVO, MAINDO offers customers a complete and comprehensive quality solution designed for sustainability and automation.

Quarta EVO offers a comprehensive, all-in-one CAQ system that covers the entire range from product release to advance quality planning and inspection to effective deviation tracking. The software uses IoT technologies, neural networks and an easy-to-use interface to monitor and control production in real time. MAINDO is compatible with various monitoring and quality control systems for machine tools and can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

With Quarta EVO’s complete CAQ system, companies can carry out holistic quality assurance, ranging from the release of products to the effective tracking of deviations. The software uses IoT technologies and neural networks to monitor and control production in real time. Thanks to compatibility with many machine tool monitoring and quality control systems, integration with existing systems is easy.

If you visit Control 2023 in Hall 3, you should visit Marposs at Stand 3301.

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