Matter: Bosch makes smart products and home appliances Matter-enabled


The well-known manufacturer Bosch is all about making the smart home sector fit for the future and simplifying digital processes. That’s why it’s pushing the fairly new Matter standard harder. This involves the simple networking of various devices in the home. Since many more household appliances and technical systems in a building will be networked in the foreseeable future, a standard should be established. To rule out connectivity problems between different equipment and systems from the outset, Bosch is making all its household appliances Matter-enabled.

What are the benefits of the new Matter standard?

The primary goal is user-friendliness. Interested parties should no longer have any problems networking devices of different types. That’s why it’s advantageous to have a uniform standard like Matter. Bosch is a key member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, more commonly known as CSA. This alliance now already has more than 240 participants from the IoT sector. Since the Connectivity Standards Alliance is a global alliance of leading companies in this field, Standard Matter will definitely lead to improved acceptance by customers.

Bosch has operated under the slogan “Technology for Life” for many decades, producing many useful household appliances and tools. This slogan should now also apply to the new technologies of smart home products. That is why Bosch supports the newly created Matter standard.

Matter-enabled devices will be in greater demand in the future

A major advantage for end customers is that the CSA, which in addition to Bosch also includes many global players such as Google, Apple and Amazon, is working together on this modern wireless protocol. This ensures that this standard will become established in the long term. Users will thus be able to install numerous smart home products and not have to worry that they will not communicate correctly with each other. Only then can the innovative, newly developed systems offer the utility value that customers expect. It will then no longer matter which manufacturer a device comes from. As long as it uses the Matter standard, there will be no more connectivity problems.

Bosch announces further development steps

The integration of the new wireless protocol will take place gradually at Bosch starting in 2023. More and more devices will then gradually be adapted to this radio standard. It will therefore not be long before all smart home devices are Matter-enabled. At the same time, Bosch is pushing ahead with other developments.

The goal is to offer complete solutions. These can be advanced software solutions or newly developed apps. These can be used to provide preconfigured services or complete services. There are already numerous kitchen appliances or devices for security and energy management from this manufacturer that have found their way into the smart home. However, the introduction of Matter will make it possible to implement many more possibilities. With the home management app or Home Connect Plus already in development, all functions in the home will be able to be controlled and monitored with a single app. This will not only significantly increase security. It is just as important to reduce energy consumption and in this way relieve the burden on the environment.

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