MDT technologies to acquire premium sensor brand TENSE


MDT technologies, a leading German KNX manufacturer, has announced its acquisition of the prestigious Belgian premium sensor brand, TENSE, effective from June 1, 2024. This strategic partnership brings together two renowned brands that are synonymous with the highest quality and cutting-edge technologies in the field of building automation.

MDT technologies: Leading Manufacturer of Smart Building Automation

MDT technologies has been a leading manufacturer of KNX products for smart building automation for the past 15 years. With a wide range of over 400 different KNX components, the company offers an impressive selection to meet every requirement. One standout product is the Glass Touch Smart, an innovative switch that can control up to 64 functions in a smart building. The intelligent features of MDT products always provide tangible benefits for users.

TENSE has become a renowned brand in the field of building automation, specializing in high-quality, handcrafted switches and control elements. The products from TENSE are characterized by their luxurious surfaces made of metal, stone, or wood, making them true designer pieces. Not only are these products visually appealing, but they have also received numerous design awards for their functionality and elegance. TENSE’s Intensity series, the world’s smallest presence detector, and the timeless Serenity and Velocity series are prime examples of their innovative and award-winning designs.

The acquisition of TENSE by MDT technologies allows both companies to combine their expertise and offer their customers an even wider portfolio. MDT CEO Roger Karner emphasizes the importance of TENSE’s premium sensor technology: “With TENSE, we are expanding our diverse portfolio with premium sensor technology featuring exceptional design. This enables us to offer our customers not only innovative technology but also high-quality sensor solutions in the future.

The collaboration between MDT technologies and TENSE brings numerous benefits to customers of both brands. By integrating MDT’s competencies and capacities in production and administration, TENSE will benefit from increased efficiency and an expanded offering. The TENSE brand will continue to represent outstanding Belgian design and innovative KNX technology, establishing itself as a leading provider in the luxury smart home market.

The acquisition of TENSE by MDT technologies marks a significant milestone in the development of KNX building automation. By combining quality, innovation, and design, both brands will be able to strengthen their position in the market and provide their customers with an unparalleled experience.

Overall, the partnership between MDT technologies and TENSE creates a win-win situation for all parties involved. Customers benefit from an expanded product offering that combines high quality, innovative technologies, and appealing design. The future developments of this promising collaboration are eagerly anticipated.

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