Industry award for mediola: Smart Home Germany Award 2023 presented”


mediola, an established provider of smart home technologies based in Frankfurt, was once again awarded the Smart Home Germany Award. The company convinced the expert jury with its innovative solutions in the category “Best Project” and thus underlines its leading position in the industry.

mediola awarded for connecting existing products with the smart home standard Matter

mediola sets new standards: Award for the pioneering Matter Bridge platform in Berlin's Red City Hall. (Foto: Smart Home Deutschland Award)

mediola sets new standards: Award for the pioneering Matter Bridge platform in Berlin’s Red City Hall. (Foto: Smart Home Deutschland Award)

The prestigious prize of the SmartHome Initiative Germany was awarded in a festive ceremony at Berlin’s Rotes Rathaus on 23 May. The SmartHome Initiative Deutschland is one of the largest industry initiatives in Europe and is supported by the Governing Mayor of Berlin. Mediola’s new Matter Bridge platform was honoured for its outstanding performance. This technically flexible platform solution, consisting of the mediola Matter Bridge and the mediola connect app, enables manufacturers of technical building equipment (TGA) and their customers to quickly and easily connect their existing wireless or wired products to the exciting and groundbreaking smart home super-standard Matter.

The award was received with great pleasure at mediola. It is an impressive confirmation of the innovative strength of the company’s smart products and solutions. Bernd Grohmann, CEO of mediola, emphasises that this award serves as an incentive to consistently continue the successful smart home strategy.

By developing the Matter Bridge, mediola offers a constructive solution to potential problem areas related to the new standard. Although Matter opens up a promising perspective on a uniform universal language through the support of renowned industry giants such as Apple, Google, Amazon and over 280 other companies, including mediola, many already installed building services products are at a disadvantage due to their lack of compatibility. Moreover, TGA manufacturers would face great challenges and uncertainties in adapting their development and production to Matter in a timely manner.

The Bridge’s flexible platform concept enables rapid connectivity to Matter without the need to retrofit or completely redevelop products. The Bridge acts as an intermediary that connects non-Matter devices to the new standard and its unified application layer. With the help of the Bridge and the Connect app, proprietary protocols, wireless standards and even wired bus systems can be integrated into the major smart home eco-systems from companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.

By using the connect app, building technology manufacturers can also implement individual functions for configuration and control in addition to the Matter standard specifications. This gives them the freedom to adapt the feature sets of their products, taking into account the specific requirements of specialist retailers and installation companies, without unnecessarily increasing the effort required to integrate Matter.

Thanks to the innovative mediola solutions, TGA manufacturers can benefit from the opportunities offered by Matter at an early stage. Customers have the opportunity to integrate their already installed devices into the Matter network and thus benefit from extended interoperability and compatibility. This win-win situation promotes sustainability, as existing devices can continue to be used and no unnecessary new purchases are required.

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