MeshCube: Three IoT solutions in one


BlueUp Srl, an IT developer from Italy, has developed MeshCube, an IoT platform that includes three innovative developments: MeshIPS, MeshSense and MeshBeacon. They all have the potential to revolutionize existing market segments.

MeshCube: three IoT solutions in one

MeshCube is an IoT platform for smart buildings that can roll up the previous market. This basic technology combines many different services under one roof. Moreover, it completely dispenses with cabling and conventional communication structures such as LTE, LoRa, WiFi, etc.

This is all made possible by the low-effort implementation of Wirepas Massive, a revolutionary technology that can connect an almost unlimited number of networks to sensors. MQTT APIs or HTTP interfaces support easy and fast integration of the solutions into applications of hospitals, office administrations, as well as logistic and industrial areas.

MeshIPS: improved tracking of people and objects

MeshIPS provides its users with functions that enable them to better track people and objects in buildings. Examples of applications include panic buttons or fall detection. For example, doctors who need help with acute injuries or when patients are assaulted can call for help more quickly. But patients at risk of falling can also be helped promptly when wearable detectors report their immobility to monitoring systems.

In addition, industrial operations that have outsourced components or tools in other stores can use MeshIPS to quickly search for and locate the material. This can help save on unnecessary additional purchases.

MeshSense: battery-powered remote maintenance of sensors and actuators

With MeshSense, users can operate, control and maintain their systems remotely. To do this, MeshSense links wireless networks with sensors or actuators that are powered by batteries.

They can be used to make indoor environmental factors more efficient. Air and temperature conditions can be improved to enhance the health and performance of people who spend time indoors. Current pandemic conditions illustrate the current relevance. But compliance with climate protection regulations and energy cost savings are also conceivable areas of application.

MeshBeacon: Everything in view with one fitting

All information and values collected by the modules are then forwarded to MeshBeacon. This dashboard not only provides an overview of the solutions deployed, but also enables their optimized control from a distance.

With collections of IoT endpoints growing larger and thus increasingly confusing, automated monitoring systems are becoming more and more essential for users. MeshBeacon not only enables the control of energy levels and measurement intervals of modules. They also contribute to a significant reduction in the complexity of the entire deployed system.

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