Early Fault Detection and Continuous Monitoring with UG 9400 Relay


The UG 9400 measurement relay enables early detection of faults during their formation, allowing for timely intervention and prevention of costly downtime and repairs. By continuously monitoring machines and systems, potential issues can be identified and addressed proactively, minimizing the impact on operations and productivity. This reliable monitoring solution provides peace of mind and helps optimize maintenance schedules and resource allocation.

Reliable monitoring of electrical and physical operating parameters

The UG 9400 measuring relay reliably monitors various electrical and physical operating parameters. It can simultaneously monitor the three-phase network for over/undervoltage, voltage asymmetry, over/undercurrent, cos phi, active, apparent, and reactive power, frequency, and phase sequence. Additionally, it can also be used in single-phase networks. This versatile device offers precise analysis and optimization of operations, ensuring the reliability and availability of machines and systems. With its ability to detect errors early and provide continuous monitoring, costly downtime and repairs can be avoided.

Continuous monitoring enables preventive maintenance with UG 9400 relay

The UG 9400 monitoring relay enables proactive maintenance through continuous monitoring. With its integrated Modbus RTU interface, it offers extensive diagnostic capabilities and allows for optimal customization to meet the specific requirements of the application.

The UG 9400 measurement relay allows for easy adjustment of threshold values for all monitoring functions. This feature enables users to customize the relay’s response to different operating conditions, ensuring accurate and timely detection of faults. By providing flexibility in setting the trigger points, the UG 9400 enhances the overall reliability and performance of the monitoring system, making it a valuable tool for maintaining optimal operation of machines and equipment.

Enhanced Machine and System Monitoring with UG 9400 Multifunctional Relay

The multifunctional UG 9400 measuring relay from the VARIMETER PRO series by DOLD offers numerous advantages for monitoring machines and systems. With its early fault detection and continuous monitoring, it significantly increases system availability and prevents costly downtime and repairs.

The UG 9400 measuring relay provides reliable monitoring of electrical and physical operating parameters, allowing for precise analysis and optimization of operations. With its ability to perform preventive maintenance and adapt to specific applications, it serves as a versatile and user-friendly tool for IoT enthusiasts and professionals in the field of industrial automation.

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