Michell Instruments: IoT sensors for critical infrastructure


Michell Instruments, German manufacturer of analytical instruments continues to advance safety and maintenance technology in IoT sensors for critical infrastructure. Its portfolio primarily includes technology that keeps an eye on the environmental factors of sensitive products.

Critical infrastructure: the Achilles’ heel of globalization

In an increasingly globalized world of business and goods with ever more closely networked supply chains, it is becoming more and more important to be able to guarantee the quality and compatibility of the transported goods. The increasing number of food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical scandals confirms this fact. Whenever people are harmed by contaminated, spoiled or untimely delivery of daily and health care products, it can often be traced back to a lack of monitoring or maintenance of the distribution channels. The global logistics problems that have persisted for almost two years can only partly be attributed to the pandemic triggered by external factors. Rather, the causes lie in the very fragile and inadequately equipped supply structures. In many places, there is still a lack of adequate technological adaptation to a just-in-time market. IoT could offer a practical, efficient and cost-effective solution to this problem.

Internet of Things: Benefits for business and customers

The Internet of Things (IoT), formerly commonly equated with the network for all Internet-enabled applications, is now predominantly understood as the technical ecosystem of real-time technology. This includes all devices that are able to collect and process data and send it to other devices or platforms for optimization purposes. This machine-to-machine communication enables automated control and remote maintenance of facilities in both commercial and private sectors. Examples include intelligent factories and cities as well as smart homes and IoT-enabled household appliances. They are all characterized by a very timely and constant exchange of digital data, which can provide developers and users with new opportunities for services and innovations, as well as a more economical use of limited resources.

EMS: for safety and health

Environmental monitoring systems (EMS) are capable of monitoring critical infrastructures and their goods in an all-encompassing manner, thus detecting and averting hazards to life and limb and risks to production facilities in good time. Depending on their structure, their digital and mobile sensors can monitor the proper functioning of production processes and the tools used in the process. In addition, they are capable of checking during the ongoing process whether the previously defined parameters are being adhered to or whether readjustments need to be made. Predictive maintenance of equipment and tools is also possible, as is a human-independent follow-up inspection of the end products. Particularly important, especially in the food and medical technology production segment, is ensuring that the environment is as dry and well-tempered as possible. In this field Michell Instruments has a long and rich expertise.

Michell Instruments: 40 years of analysis experience

The global leader in the development of humidity and oxygen sensor technology, Michell Instruments already has 40 years of experience in the acquisition and processing of measurement data. Its solutions enable the compliant functionality of equipment throughout the industrial sector. Whether in food production, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas production or the energy industry, Michell Instruments is used everywhere. Its devices enable manufacturers to continuously optimize their goods and services in terms of safety, cost savings and energy efficiency.

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