Efficient and Convenient: Miele’s High-Performance Laundry Machines for Businesses


The high-performance machines for laundromats and laundries from Miele provide a wide range of benefits for operators and customers. These network-enabled devices offer error-free and convenient operation, along with personalized laundry care. With their digital interfaces, the machines can easily be connected to cash register systems and systems from partner companies.

Compact yet spacious: Miele’s ‘Kleine Riesen’ machines for laundromats

The Miele “Kleine Riesen” series of washing machines and dryers are designed specifically for laundromats. With a loading capacity of six, seven, or eight kilograms, they provide ample space for large laundry loads. Despite their compact size, they only require half a square meter of space, making them ideal for smaller laundry facilities where space is limited.

The Miele washing machines and dryers offer incredibly short cycle times, with the shortest wash program taking only 49 minutes and the fastest program in the vented dryer taking only 42 minutes. This allows for super fast and efficient laundry cleaning, saving time for both operators and customers.

New Benchmark Machines: More Space and Functionality

The latest generation of Miele washers and dryers, also known as “The New Benchmark Machines,” offer increased capacity and functionality. With a drum size ranging from nine to 20 kilograms, they can handle large quantities of textiles. These machines are designed to accommodate the needs of businesses that require high-volume laundry processing, such as commercial laundries and large-scale laundry facilities.

The full-touch color display of the machines allows customers to customize the programs according to their preferences and view them in more than 30 languages. This feature ensures that users can avoid any operational errors. Moreover, the machines offer a wide range of pre-set programs, including specialized ones for delicate fabrics such as wool or dress shirts. When combined with the “SlimLine” dryers, these washing machines can accommodate up to 16 kilograms of textiles while taking up only half a square meter of space.

Miele appliances enable digital connectivity for laundry businesses

The digital networking capabilities of Miele washing machines and dryers through the “Miele MOVE” portal provide operators of laundromats with the ability to monitor important process and operational data. Additionally, they can conveniently connect with a Miele shop to order cleaning supplies. With the ability to check if the machines are on or when they will be finished, operators have greater control and efficiency in managing their laundry operations.

Seamless integration: appWash revolutionizes payment for Miele laundry machines

The appWash system seamlessly integrates Miele laundry machines, allowing customers to easily book and pay for machine usage through the app. This eliminates the need for collecting small change or tokens, providing a hassle-free experience. Moreover, a card terminal is available, accepting contactless payment options like Apple Pay, offering a convenient alternative for users who prefer not to download the app.

Comprehensive service offerings for laundry operators by Miele

Miele provides a comprehensive range of services for laundry salon operators, including economic calculations, leasing financing, and maintenance contracts to ensure regular inspections and upkeep of equipment. Leasing agreements enable the financing of washing machines and dryers at fixed monthly rates, while rental contracts allow for automatic termination after four years and cover the use of Miele’s customer service.

Efficient Laundry Cleaning with Miele’s Networked Washing Machines and Dryers

Miele’s networked washing machines and dryers offer a range of advantages for laundry and laundromat operators. With their compact size, high performance, and short cycle times, they enable efficient laundry cleaning. These machines are designed to handle large loads while taking up minimal space, making them ideal for businesses with limited floor space. Additionally, their network capabilities allow for seamless integration with other systems, enhancing productivity and convenience for operators.

The user-friendly operation, customizable program options, and digital networking capabilities provide convenience and flexibility for both customers and operators. Additionally, Miele offers services such as maintenance contracts and financing options to simplify laundry management. With its innovative solutions, Miele is setting new industry standards.

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