MIJIA Cooking Robot: Xiaomi takes smart cooking to the next level


The general trend is not only in the direction of the smart home, but now also towards smart cooking. The well-known Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has developed a new cooking robot, which has been named MIJIA Cooking Robot. You can use it to create many interesting dishes. The simple and intuitive operation is particularly interesting.

Special features of the MIJIA Cooking Robot

Basically, it is a further development of the well-known and popular kitchen appliance Thermomix TM6. However, significantly more technology from the IoT area was integrated into the cooking robot MIJIA. This makes this device even easier to use. Among other things, the large container in which the food can be prepared automatically is also very interesting. This has a capacity of 2.2 liters. It is therefore also very suitable for preparing larger portions for several people.

Furthermore, the wide range of stirring speeds from 40 to 3,500 revolutions per minute should be mentioned. However, the user does not need to worry about it because the cooking robot MIJIA takes care of everything automatically. 3-D induction technology is available for cooking. This generates a temperature of up to 180 degrees Celsius. It is advantageous that dishes can also be prepared at a low temperature.

The MIJIA Cooking Robot is an interesting alternative to the conventional stove.  ( Photo: Xiaomi )

The MIJIA Cooking Robot is an interesting alternative to the conventional stove. ( Photo: Xiaomi )


Easy operation of NIJIA Cooking Robot

An impressive feature of this machine is its ease of use. It is done via a touchscreen with a diagonal of 8.0 inches. That’s the equivalent of about 20 centimeters. Alternatively, the MIJIA Cooking Robot can also be operated via the well-known Xiaomi voice control. This device therefore offers a high degree of flexibility. According to the manufacturer, up to 35 types of preparation should be available.

In any case, more than 200 recipes are already included in the memory. If one of them is selected by voice command or via the display, the user is shown which ingredients are required. He only needs to fill it in. The MIJIA Cooking Robot takes care of all other work. When the dish is ready, the user receives a message.

Can the cooking robot replace a conventional stove?

The MIJIA Cooking Robot is an interesting alternative to the conventional stove. The dishes that the appliance prepares are always a success. This is also interesting for all people who may not be able to cook or even prepare food so well. Creating beautiful food has probably never been easier. The Cooking Robot MIJIA already has an extensive database of recipes and tutorials. These can also be updated again and again. Therefore, for many users it will be an interesting addition to a normal kitchen.

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