MMIIC: Tracking goods without borders


MMIIC, a global alliance of diverse technology providers, is dedicated to making previously uncovered areas of the globe available for asset tracking.

MMIIC: LoRaWAN and satellites for total connectivity

The Multimodal IoT Infrastructure Consortium (MMIIC) plans to begin work this month on a project that could significantly advance the world of logistics. The core of this organization’s agenda is to enable connectivity anywhere in the world, no matter how remote or inaccessible.

Previous tracking techniques often failed to provide all-encompassing surveillance due to existing coverage gaps on bodies of water, in mines or rural environments. MMIIC hopes the symbiosis of LoRaWAN systems and satellite technology will solve this problem.

Working together for better logistics

The MMIIC Group brings together various providers for mutual benefit. TrakAssure, for example, provides equipment and software solutions for tracking products. Senet enables the necessary connectivity on the ground through LoRaWAN.

Eutelsat, using its nano-satellites, can provide the connectivity that cannot be achieved with LoRaWAN, and Wyld-Networks is working with TrakAssure to develop the sensors and applications needed for the finished solutions. Senet is also maintaining a relationship with Helium. A company that provides connections via crowdsource hotspots. This can significantly expand the coverage of conventional gateway solutions.

Complementary connectivity

MMIIC’s 2022 pilot is designed to allow each technology to play to its respective strengths in its favored areas. And wherever it reaches its limits, it will be complemented by one or more of its partners.

In detail, this can mean that goods being transported on roads or rails are monitored by TrakAssure sensors on containers or in vehicles. However, if these are subsequently about to be reloaded onto a ship, for example, the Eutel satellites take over further tracking at this point. As soon as the transport reaches solid ground again, the Senet or Helium networks can take over again.

Other areas of application for the combined technology

The developers of this synthesis of diverse technologies are already planning to make their applications available to other areas as well. For example, they could very well imagine offering them to utilities. The condition of power poles in very remote areas could be checked more easily and automatically by connecting them to LoRaWAN networks.

But the technology could also be used to provide support for tracking proprietary seeds. Producers can thus track what happens to their property from the point of sale to the field.

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