Mobileum: Telecommunications analyst number one in the fight against fraud management


Silicon Valley company Mobileum has once again been named a Champion Vendor in the areas of security and fraud management by London-based market researchers Kaleido Intelligence. At the center of the award is the “Active Intelligence Big Data Platform,” which can process data analyses in real time using artificial intelligence and deep learning processes. This article presents some selected possible applications of the technology.

Mobileum: Solutions against growing Internet piracy

Estimates suggest that product piracy will generate up to $50 billion in lost revenue by 2022. The big problem for vendors in this is that they are rarely able to see the full extent of the theft of their intellectual property. Many of them are often unaware of who is using what of their content, where, without permission. What many do notice fairly quickly, however, is the loss of revenue and profits due to outflowing revenue for their fee-based offerings. The Californian’s End to End Technology wants to change that by means of the latest anti-piracy services and even show future trends beyond that.

Mobileum: Artificial intelligence and machine learning against product piracy

Mobileum offers those so harmed a solution of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-assisted detection and analysis methods to combat such losses. In this combination, web crawlers and machine learning (ML) algorithms developed specifically by the company take over the search for providers of illegal content in the major search engines in real time. Sources found in the process are actively prevented from redistributing proprietary content. In the case of unauthorized streaming of sports events, for example, this can result in the technically induced immediate interruption of the broadcast. Raid case management then takes over the preservation of evidence in order to support the resulting legal claims with evidence.

Mobileum: Module against merchant fraud

The California-based company’s anti-merchant fraud module provides interested users with a pre-built application to detect AI and ML-based anomalies early on to prevent fraud scenarios in a timely manner. In doing so, the company outlines scenarios in which partners use gaps or inaccuracies in jointly concluded contracts to gain unjustified advantages.

Unfair examples include the misuse of commissions and clawback agreements, forged subscriptions or the use of accounts that have already been deregistered. But classic crimes such as theft, unauthorized stock sales, simclones or altered identities are also included. Mobileum Inc. offers its customers real-time monitoring across multiple data sources with its RAID module to protect them from merchant fraud.

Mobileum: Raid system against caller fraud

For some time now, telephones have had the convenient option of caller ID. Before a call is made, callers can tell whether they want to talk to the caller or not. However, criminals have been able to manipulate this caller ID for at least as long. This method, known as spoofing, enables unauthorized persons to steal, forge or disguise identities in order to initiate further illegal activities. Spammers for unsolicited marketing campaigns use this technique as readily as wholesale fraudsters. But computer-assisted calls, so-called robot calls, can also use pre-recorded messages to disrupt operational processes, spread messages or generate revenue.

Mobileum presents its RAID module with an AI approach to solve this mixed situation, which is designed to localize irregularities in telecommunications in advance and shut down possible fraud scenarios. The system provides blocking and routing mechanisms as a kind of buffer to protect employees and customers from third-party harassment. The technology uses a complex rule library combined with Deep Learning.

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