Nano One and Worley join forces for sustainable battery cathode production


Nano One and Worley Chemetics have achieved a groundbreaking milestone in sustainable production of lithium-ion battery cathode materials (CAM) through their strategic alliance. This collaboration aims to develop, market, and license a production facility construction process for CAM in the lithium-ion battery materials sector. With Worley Chemetics’ expertise in technologies and solutions for sulfuric acid and other specialty chemicals, this partnership will revolutionize the way battery materials are manufactured, ensuring a cleaner and more diversified supply chain.

Nano One and Worley form strategic alliance for sustainable battery cathode production

The strategic alliance and licensing agreement between Nano One and Worley represents a significant milestone in the sustainable production of battery cathode materials. This collaboration strengthens Nano One’s position in the market and enhances the value of their One-Pot process. With Worley’s global network, engineering expertise, and track record in constructing production facilities, Nano One can accelerate their growth strategy and meet the increasing demand for scalable battery cathode material production technology and clean, diversified supply chains.

Nano One and Worley collaborate to develop comprehensive CAM technology package

Nano One and Worley have formed a strategic alliance to develop a comprehensive technology package for CAM. This package integrates Nano One’s patented One-Pot process into a modular process design, incorporating intellectual property, flowcharts, detailed engineering, and operational expertise from both parties. Worley Chemetics(R) will also design and manufacture One-Pot reactors using customized metal alloys. The license agreement governs the sale of CAM packages, including mutual intellectual property licensing, license fees, and compensation for both parties over a period of up to 20 years.

The One-Pot-enabled CAM package is a globally marketed solution that empowers customers in North America, Europe, the Indo-Pacific, and other regions to develop competitive CAM production facilities, meeting the growing market demands for renewable energy storage and electric vehicles. This comprehensive package aims to minimize risks, lower costs, expedite project timelines, secure financing investments, and streamline approval processes, while fostering wider community acceptance.

Worley Partners with Nano One to Advance Sustainable Battery Cathode Materials

Worley CEO Chris Ashton expressed his excitement about partnering with Nano One to bring the One-Pot process to the market, aligning with Worley’s technology solution strategy to accelerate the deployment of cost-effective and low-carbon solutions. As a global leader in engineering services for energy, chemistry, and resources, Worley’s extensive workforce and expertise will contribute to the alliance’s success. With a focus on sustainability and specialization in battery material facilities, Worley is committed to scaling and implementing technologies. The battery materials sector is a significant growth area for Worley, with an order volume of AUD 1.5 billion since July 2021.

Nano One introduces innovative One-Pot method for cathode materials

Nano One brings its patented One-Pot process to the alliance, along with its Innovation Centre in Burnaby, British Columbia, its LFP-CAM demonstration facility in Candiac, Quebec, and one of the most experienced LFP teams outside of Asia. The One-Pot process enables the production of competitive cathode materials by combining precursor-CAM (pCAM) and CAM processes, resulting in a smaller footprint compared to conventional methods and up to 60% less greenhouse gas emissions for NMC, 50% less greenhouse gas emissions for LFP, and 80% less process water. It also eliminates wastewater and harmful sodium/ammonium sulfate by-products, which pose disposal and regulatory challenges in current cathode material production methods. The technology also utilizes local and sustainable raw material sources to enable a secure and diversified supply chain.

The strategic alliance between Nano One and Worley represents a significant breakthrough in the production of sustainable battery cathode materials. By combining their expertise, they have developed the CAM package with the One-Pot method, offering customers worldwide the ability to construct competitive production facilities to meet the growing demand for renewable energy storage and electric vehicles. Nano One benefits from Worley’s global network and extensive engineering capabilities, while the One-Pot process significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption compared to conventional methods. This alliance will drive the sustainable production of battery cathode materials and accelerate the transition to a lower-carbon future.

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