Discover the Future of Cleaning with the Narwal Freo Robot Vacuum


The renowned manufacturer Narwal proudly presents the new Narwal Freo high-end robot vacuum cleaner on the German market. With its advanced technology and outstanding performance, this intelligent vacuum cleaner sets new standards in household cleaning.

Revolutionary Floor Cleaning: The Smart Robot Vacuum with DirtSense Technology and Spin Mop

Say goodbye to tedious floor cleaning with the professional robot vacuum cleaner. This device is equipped with top-of-the-line features that ensure thorough cleaning in your home. The innovative DirtSense technology allows the vacuum cleaner to automatically detect dirt and adjust its cleaning patterns accordingly to achieve optimal results. The Smart-Swing feature enables the robot to effortlessly navigate through your rooms, avoiding furniture and obstacles. The patented triangular design with a spinning mop ensures effective dirt removal and leaves your floors sparkling clean. This robot vacuum cleaner offers you a convenient and time-saving solution for floor cleaning.

The rapidly growing robotics startup Narwal is expanding its market and introducing its high-end robot vacuum cleaner, the Narwal Freo, to Germany. With advanced DirtSense technology, this innovative vacuum cleaner provides consumers with a comprehensive cleaning solution for their homes. Capable of reaching every corner of the house, removing stubborn stains, and delivering an efficient and professional cleaning experience, the Narwal Freo is a valuable ally for cleanliness. From June 15th, the Narwal Freo will be available in Germany at a special price of €849.

Ultimate cleaning experience with Narwal Freo

Freo, the innovative robot vacuum cleaner, sets new standards in terms of cleaning efficiency. Unlike most other models on the market, Freo not only excels in vacuuming but also impresses with its outstanding mopping function. With its unique technology, it ensures that the floor is not only free of dirt but also streak-free and shiny after mopping. Freo is undoubtedly the undisputed “Mop King”.

Thanks to the new AI-powered algorithm called DirtSense Cleaning Analysis, Freo recognizes the level of dirt on floors and automatically cleans them in the patented Freo mode, without the user having to intervene. It also generates a cleaning report so that customers know exactly how often each room has been cleaned and can relax, knowing that their floors receive the optimal cleaning.

The combination of the SmartSwing Edge Cleaning function and the patented double-fast rotating triangular mops makes the cleaning even more precise. Thanks to the exclusive swinging motion of SmartSwing, Freo automatically adapts to the edges and ensures that no spot is overlooked. The double-fast rotating triangular mops seamlessly reach every inch of the floor and can effortlessly remove stubborn stains with an adjustable pressure of up to 12N.

Revolutionary App Narwal Freo Simplifies Daily Life and Saves Valuable Time

With Narwal Freo, cleaning is truly worry-free. Even the cleaning and drying of the mop pad are fully automated thanks to the intelligent base station.

The Intelligent Base Station is equipped with an advanced dirt detection sensor capable of recognizing the level of dirt on the mop. Based on this detection, the station automatically performs a thorough cleaning by using the correct amount of water and cleaning solution. Subsequently, it dries the mop with hot air at around 40℃.

The most user-friendly robot vacuum cleaner

The Narwal app and the touch-sensitive LCD screen make operating the Narwal Freo extremely user-friendly. Even users without prior knowledge can easily use the device. Narwal strives for maximum comfort for its users. The Narwal Freo is user- and pet-friendly with a noise level of 39-57 dB, which does not disturb your activities.

Exotic Marine Creature: Narwal Freo Now Available in Germany

After achieving significant success in North America, Narwal is launching the sale of Narwal Freo in Germany. It will be available starting from June 15th. From the start date until July 31st, the price will be €849 instead of €899.

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