Safelog and Stäubli Partner to Revolutionize Transport Robotics


The partnership between Safelog and Stäubli in the field of transport robotics combines their respective expertise to offer a comprehensive range of solutions. Stäubli contributes its knowledge in mechatronics and the ability to build mobile robots with a payload capacity of up to 450 tons. Safelog, on the other hand, specializes in the development of agile transport robots and agent-based fleet control. By expanding Safelog’s portfolio to include Stäubli’s FL1500 counterbalance stacker and PF3 mobile platform robot, the companies aim to increase production volumes and enhance competitiveness through synergies in technical know-how and joint market penetration.

Stäubli FL1500: Compact Counterbalance Stacker with Exceptional Serviceability

The Stäubli FL1500 robot is a compact counterbalance stacker that stands out for its exceptional serviceability. With the ability to replace key parts in just a few minutes, this robot ensures high availability and efficiency. Additionally, its design philosophy allows for flexible adjustment of the counterweight, optimizing battery capacity usage.

Safelog introduces intelligent and flexible control of robot fleets

The decentralized fleet manager Safelog IntelliAgent by Safelog offers agent-based control of robot fleets in a swarm. This fleet manager enables optimal deployment planning and control of transport robots, ensuring efficient and seamless logistics operations. By integrating Safelog IntelliAgent into the Stäubli FL1500 and PF3 robots, customers can benefit from intelligent and flexible control of their transport robot fleets.

Safelog and Stäubli Partner to Offer Customized Solutions in Transport Robotics

The collaboration between Safelog and Stäubli represents a significant milestone in the growth strategy of both companies. By merging their technologies, they can provide customers with tailored solutions for their specific requirements, enhancing their solution expertise with additional applications. Furthermore, they aim to achieve faster and more efficient operations by creating synergies, enabling them to capture more market share. This partnership goes beyond a simple partnership; it is a fusion of strengths that opens new possibilities in the industry.

The partnership between Safelog and Stäubli in the field of transport robotics offers numerous advantages, including tailored solutions for customers, intelligent fleet control, and improved logistics efficiency. By combining the strengths of both companies, their competitive edge is strengthened, leading to faster market expansion. This partnership represents a milestone in the growth strategy of both companies, opening up new possibilities in the field of transport robotics.

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