KEBA introduces latest KeContact P40. P40 Pro Wallbox at Power2Drive Europe


The KeContact P40. P40 Pro Wallbox from KEBA, a leading European manufacturer of intelligent charging solutions, was unveiled at the Power2Drive Europe exhibition. This new generation of wallboxes is a perfect addition to the KEBA eMobility portfolio and offers numerous benefits for single and multi-family households, as well as commercial applications. With its easy installation and user-friendly interface, the KeContact P40. P40 Pro is ideal for both residential and commercial use. Its integration with photovoltaic systems allows for optimized charging using surplus solar energy. Additionally, its sleek design and compact size make it an attractive choice for any location. KEBA continues to lead the way in innovative and future-oriented charging solutions.

Easy installation and user-friendly design of the KeContact P40/P40 Pro

Zu Hause laden mit der neuen KEBA KeContact P40. P40 Pro (Foto: Copyright Maskot)

Zu Hause laden mit der neuen KEBA KeContact P40. P40 Pro (Foto: Copyright Maskot)

The KeContact P40. P40 Pro by KEBA stands out for its easy installation and user-friendliness. With its modular concept and 3-point mounting, the wallbox can be quickly and easily installed. Upgrading in the field or replacing individual components is also effortless. Even the charging cable can be replaced within a matter of minutes. Another advantage is the integrated FI Type A, which simplifies installation and reduces effort.

KEBA’s KeContact P40/P40 Pro: Easy Installation and Bluetooth Setup

The KeContact P40. P40 Pro is equipped with the KEBA eMobility App and Installermode, allowing for quick initial setup via Bluetooth. Through the browser-based eMobility Portal, charging stations can be easily managed and controlled. With a variety of interfaces, the wallbox seamlessly integrates into various backends, energy management systems, and smart homes. The integrated Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) enables professional communication with backend systems from multiple manufacturers and providers.

KeContact P40: Perfect for residential charging, P40 Pro for commercial use

Flottenladen mit der neuen KEBA KeContact P40. P40 Pro (Foto: Hasselblad H5D)

Flottenladen mit der neuen KEBA KeContact P40. P40 Pro (Foto: Hasselblad H5D)

The KeContact P40 is designed specifically for residential use, offering a convenient and efficient charging solution for private households. With its standard charging capacity of 11 kW, it provides a reliable and fast charging experience for electric vehicle owners. On the other hand, the KeContact P40 Pro is tailored for commercial applications, featuring an extended charging power of 22 kW and integrated hardware components for ISO 15118 use cases. Additionally, the MID/MessEV version of the KeContact P40 Pro ensures accurate and compliant billing, making it suitable for CPOs, utility companies, and operator models.

KeContact P40/P40 Pro: Easy integration of PV systems

The KeContact P40. P40 Pro wallbox offers a seamless integration with photovoltaic systems, enabling optimized PV surplus charging. By utilizing its built-in phase switching capability, the wallbox adjusts its charging power according to the available solar energy, ensuring efficient utilization of excess electricity. This feature allows for charging even in situations of low PV output, providing a reliable and flexible charging solution for electric vehicles.

Compact and Stylish: KEBA’s New KeContact P40/P40 Pro Wallbox

The new KeContact P40. P40 Pro Wallbox from KEBA is a compact and smaller version compared to its predecessor models. It stands out with its reduced and timeless elegant design, available in white and black. It features a user-friendly interface and a practical cable holder. The smaller size makes it easier to install in various locations, while the sleek design adds a modern touch to any environment. With its practical features, this Wallbox offers a convenient and efficient charging experience.

KEBA showcases full range of eMobility products at Power2Drive Europe

KEBA showcased their entire eMobility product range at the Power2Drive Europe exhibition, including the KeContact P40 and P40 Pro. These intelligent charging stations, along with other innovative digital products, offer a comprehensive solution for electric vehicle charging. The KeContact P30 and P40 Pro are specifically designed for home charging of company cars, providing a tailored solution. The KEBA Lademanagement-Controller KeContact M20 optimizes resource usage through intelligent load management. The KEBA eMobility Portal and app offer extensive configuration, monitoring, and control options for charging stations. KEBA’s eMobility Solution simplifies billing for charging services in hotels and businesses. The KeContact T10 Payment Terminal eliminates payment barriers at public charging stations. KEBA also provides comprehensive lifecycle services for charging stations.

KEBA introduces the new KeContact P40/P40 Pro Wallbox generation

The new generation of wallboxes, KeContact P40 and P40 Pro by KEBA, stands out for its easy installation, user-friendliness, and numerous features. It is perfectly suited for both single-family homes and multi-family households, as well as for commercial use. With its seamless integration into photovoltaic systems and its attractive design, it sets new standards in charging technology. KEBA remains at the forefront of developing innovative and forward-thinking charging solutions.

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