Metz Connect revolutionizes building automation with new BACnet module


Metz Connect presents the BMT-AOP2 BACnet MS/TP, a powerful output module for building automation that impresses with its increased current carrying capacity per channel. With this module, users can control and switch a wide range of loads in an energy-efficient manner. The module is particularly interesting for BACNet users who want to switch multiple loads via each of the two output channels.

Technically skilled automation with BMT-AOP2

The BMT-AOP2 BACnet MS/TP module from Metz Connect offers BACNet users in building automation a powerful solution for simple and efficient control of specific areas. With a current carrying capacity of 150 mA per channel, up to 15 loads can be controlled simultaneously, with a low current consumption of 10 mA per channel. This enables energy-efficient and reliable automation of lights, sensors, valves, pumps and other devices.

The BMT-AOP2 module from Metz Connect is a versatile control module that enables the control of various sources such as luminaires or active sensors with DC voltages from 0 V to 10 V, while also supporting the switching of valves, pumps, burners, luminaires and actuators. It can also be used as a blind controller. The decentralized use of the module allows flexible use in various applications and the two small rotary knobs offer the possibility of manual intervention. The output channels are galvanically isolated from each other and from the supply voltage by means of basic insulation in the device, which ensures safe and reliable use.

BACnet control for effective lighting control

The BMT-AOP2 is an absolutely indispensable module for modern lighting systems, as it not only enables switching the light on and off, but also other important functions such as visualization, dimming and remote access. With the help of the BACnet protocol, the module can even control entire building wings and thus ensure efficient lighting control. The BMT-AOP2 is particularly suitable for lighting devices that generate a DC voltage of 0 V to 10 V and supply a current of 1.5 mA. With a current control of 150 mA per channel, the BMT-AOP2 can control up to 200 luminaires per module.

The BMT-AOP2 module from Metz Connect is an innovative solution for controlling lighting in various applications such as greenhouses, orangeries and public buildings such as railroad stations. By integrating the BACnet protocol, the module allows efficient and centralized control of lighting with just one device. In addition, the module offers the possibility to optimally control brightness in parking garages by automatically dimming entire levels with many luminaires when there are no people in the area. When people enter the area, the luminosity is gently increased to create a pleasant and safe environment. The BMT-AOP2 thus supports the realization of energy-efficient BACnet applications in a simple way.

Simple and efficient automation with the new BMT-AOP2 BACnet MS/TP module from Metz Connect

Das BMT-AOP2-Modul von Metz Connect ist eine innovative Lösung zur Steuerung der Beleuchtung in verschiedenen Anwendungsbereichen wie Gewächshäusern, Orangerien und öffentlichen Gebäuden wie Bahnhöfen. Durch die Integration des BACnet-Protokolls ermöglicht das Modul eine effiziente und zentralisierte Steuerung der Beleuchtung mit nur einem Gerät. Zusätzlich bietet das Modul die Möglichkeit, die Helligkeit in Parkhäusern optimal zu regeln, indem es ganze Ebenen mit vielen Leuchten automatisch dimmt, wenn sich keine Personen in dem Bereich aufhalten. Beim Betreten des Bereichs wird die Leuchtstärke sanft erhöht, um eine angenehme und sichere Umgebung zu schaffen. Das BMT-AOP2 unterstützt somit die Realisierung von energieeffizienten BACnet-Anwendungen auf einfache Weise.

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