neugemacht GmbH introduces comprehensive Smart Metering solutions at E-world


The neugemacht GmbH, in collaboration with Gridspertise and Cuculus, is showcasing its newly developed comprehensive Smart Metering infrastructure solution at E-world. This solution provides all the necessary components for both regulated and competitive metering operations, enabling a fast rollout of fully integrated and functionally validated Smart Metering solutions. Utilities, property managers, and energy industry solution providers can benefit from this holistic solution, which can be delivered as-a-Service by neugemacht or customized through individual agreements, ensuring availability during ongoing operations. This allows providers to focus on developing new offerings such as dynamic tariffs for industrial, commercial, and residential consumers.

neugemacht GmbH offers comprehensive Smart Metering solutions for buildings, energy generators, and consumers

The offering by neugemacht encompasses the provision of Smart Meters and Smart Meter Gateways (SMGW) to buildings, energy generators, and consumers, as well as the establishment of a network-oriented, bi-directional Smart Metering infrastructure that can be controlled remotely. Additionally, it includes highly differentiated Smart Meter Data Management (MDM) solutions with aEMT integration and an end-user portal. These solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing Business-IT infrastructures, making them suitable for installation in both individual residential areas managed by property owners and for utility companies and solution providers.

The offering by neugemacht GmbH provides a unique opportunity for manufacturers and solution providers of heat pumps, photovoltaic systems, wallboxes, and charging stations to remotely control their installations in compliance with §14a of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG). This opens up new possibilities as the metering infrastructure offers a secure and highly available access point, replacing the less reliable communication infrastructures of building users. The connectivity and controllability also enable new services such as predictive maintenance and the provision of metering services as-a-service.

Neugemacht GmbH offers customized solution packages for utilities, property operators, and solution providers, providing the foundation for new business models derived from §14a of the Energy Industry Act and competitive metering operations. Depending on the customer target group, different solution configurations can be chosen, ranging from simple G1 Smart Meter Gateways to customer-specific OEM solutions with individually tailored integration of local controls into the SMGW.

Explore the cutting-edge solutions offered by neugemacht GmbH at their stand in Halle 2, Stand D112, during the E-world exhibition. Discover their comprehensive smart metering infrastructure solutions and witness live demonstrations of potential installation scenarios. For more information, visit

The comprehensive solution offering from neugemacht GmbH provides numerous benefits for utilities, property operators, and solution providers in the energy sector. By consolidating all necessary solution components under one roof, the company enables a rapid rollout of fully integrated and functionally validated smart metering solutions. The connectivity and controllability of smart metering infrastructures also open up new opportunities for manufacturers and solution providers in renewable energy and e-mobility. The tailored solution packages from neugemacht support different application scenarios and lay the foundation for new business models. Visitors to E-world have the opportunity to personally explore the new solution offering and experience live demos.

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