Revolutionize Workshops and Service Areas with NPB-450-NFC Charger


The NPB-450-NFC charger from FORTEC Power is a game-changer for workshops and service areas. With its innovative NFC technology, it can charge a wide range of batteries using just one charger. The charging parameters can be easily programmed via smartphone, providing a high level of flexibility. This charger revolutionizes the way batteries are charged, making it more efficient and convenient for users.

NFC Technology Enables Secure and Fast Data Transfer

The NPB-450-NFC charger from FORTEC Power utilizes the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to enable encrypted data transfer at high speeds over a distance of up to four centimeters. This revolutionary addition to the MEAN WELL NPB-450 series allows for the programming of charging parameters through a mobile phone, regardless of whether the power supply is connected to the electrical grid or not. This innovative solution significantly improves efficiency and flexibility in workshops and service areas.

Customize Charging Parameters for Optimal Battery Performance with NPB-450-NFC

The NPB-450-NFC charger offers workshops and service centers the ability to customize charging parameters for different battery types. With options for setting constant current, constant voltage, float or maintenance voltage, and tapered current, along with the ability to adjust the charging curve timeout and reactivation after full charge, this charger allows for optimal charging tailored to specific battery needs. Additionally, the inclusion of a password function ensures security and control over the charging process.

Efficient 3-stage charging with NPB-450-NFC: Optimal battery performance

The NPB-450-NFC charger offers an efficient 3-stage charging process, as shown in Figure 3. During the main charging phase (Stage 1), the battery is rapidly charged with a constant current (CC). Once the battery voltage reaches the set value for constant voltage (CV), it enters the recharging phase in Stage 2 with a constant voltage (CV). The charging current decreases according to the battery’s charging state. When the tapered current (TC) is reached, it transitions to the float or maintenance charging phase in Stage 3. To counteract self-discharge and maintain optimal charging level, the battery is charged with a constant maintenance voltage (FV).

FORTEC Power’s NPB-450-NFC Charger: Revolutionizing Workshops and Service Areas

The NPB-450-NFC charger from FORTEC Power offers a multitude of advantages for workshops and service areas. With the NFC technology, a wide range of batteries can be charged using just one charger. The easy smartphone programming allows for individual adjustment of charging parameters, greatly enhancing efficiency and flexibility in workshops. Additionally, the password function ensures security. With its efficient 3-stage charging and constant float voltage, optimal charging is guaranteed. The NPB-450-NFC charger is truly an innovative solution for the service industry.

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