Oceandiva Nova: A Sustainable and Innovative Events Ship in Mainz


The Oceandiva Nova, a 100% electric-powered event ship, made its debut in Mainz last Monday and has become a true eye-catcher in the city. With its advanced approach to sustainability and its state-of-the-art design, the Oceandiva Nova promises to open a refreshing new chapter for the event industry in Mainz.

Oceandiva Nova: Innovative Battery System Powers Sustainable Ship Operations

The Oceandiva Nova ensures its energy supply through an innovative battery system with a capacity of 2.2 megawatts (MW). This not only highlights the extent of Oceandiva Nova’s sustainable ambitions but also demonstrates how this advanced technology enables efficient and environmentally friendly operation of the ship. In addition, the ship is equipped with an advanced backup generator powered by HVO100 biofuel and DEX ecological motor oil. Furthermore, solar panels will be installed on the deck in the near future, enabling the use of green energy on board.

Oceandiva Nova utilizes advanced water treatment system for sustainability

The Oceandiva Nova utilizes a state-of-the-art PureBlue INNOPACK++ water treatment system called “Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor” (MBBR), which cleans wastewater until it is clean enough to be returned to nature. This system ensures that all onboard water meets strict environmental standards. This measure highlights Oceandiva’s commitment to reducing its ecological footprint and integrating sustainability into all aspects of its operations.

Oceandiva Nova leads the way in sustainable shipping

The Oceandiva Nova is leading the way in sustainable shipping, aiming to have their entire fleet operate carbon-neutral and free from fossil fuels. By utilizing the 100% certified residual stream-derived biokerosene, HVO100, the Oceandiva ships are able to achieve a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, up to 90%. Additionally, the use of biodegradable oils further minimizes the environmental impact, making Oceandiva a pioneer in eco-friendly maritime transportation.

The Oceandiva Nova is a tangible manifestation of Oceandiva’s ambitions and mission to make the event industry more sustainable and contribute to a better world. By sailing with the Oceandiva Nova, we are riding the wave of sustainability together, where every occasion becomes more than just an event but “A world apart”.

Cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly design redefine event ships

The Oceandiva Nova is revolutionizing the event industry in Mainz by offering a wide range of benefits. Its innovative technology and environmentally friendly design enable efficient and sustainable operations. With its state-of-the-art design and groundbreaking sustainability, the Oceandiva Nova is setting new standards for event ships. By utilizing green power, using biofuels and biodegradable oils, and purifying wastewater, it provides a comprehensive approach to reducing the ecological footprint. The Oceandiva Nova is a trailblazer in sustainable shipping and is making a significant contribution to Mainz’s green initiatives.

The Oceandiva Nova sets a new standard for sustainable maritime transportation with its use of green energy, biodegradable oils, and wastewater treatment. By reducing its ecological footprint, the ship is leading the way in environmentally-friendly shipping practices. Its arrival in Mainz marks the beginning of a fresh chapter in sustainable events, offering unique experiences on board. More than just a vessel, the Oceandiva Nova represents a commitment to a better future.

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