Enhanced Temperature Control with the NX-HTC from OMRON


The NX-HTC temperature controller from OMRON is a game-changer for the manufacturing and packaging industry, as it ensures precise temperature control for optimal processes and product quality. With its automatic regulation feature, it eliminates the need for human intervention, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. The controller’s ability to digitally analyze temperature curves enables early detection of device anomalies, preventing costly breakdowns and minimizing troubleshooting time.

Prevent machine assembly anomalies with the NX-HTC from OMRON

The NX-HTC by OMRON is designed to prevent anomalies in machine assembly, reducing costly downtime and minimizing the time spent on troubleshooting. With its unique temperature curve digitization feature, it enables early detection of unusual device states, further enhancing its ability to prevent issues. By automating the temperature control process, the NX-HTC significantly reduces the need for manual intervention, thereby optimizing productivity and efficiency in the manufacturing and packaging environment.

NX-HTC: Achieve precise temperature control in high-temperature scenarios

The NX-HTC temperature controller from OMRON provides an impressive resolution of 0.01 degrees Celsius, allowing for highly precise temperature regulation even in high-temperature scenarios. With comprehensive features for heating and cooling control, as well as support for HBA alarms, the NX-HTC ensures optimal temperature control and maximizes production efficiency.

New NX-HTC Temperature Controller: Compact Design, Multiple Configurations

The NX-HTC is available in versions with four and eight control loops, offering 40% less space compared to its predecessor, the NX-TC. With a width of only 30 millimeters, it optimizes space utilization and simplifies installation. Additionally, the NX-HTC supports a universal input, allowing for the evaluation of a wide range of sensors. Its versatility and compact design make it an ideal solution for various applications requiring precise temperature control.

The OMRON NX-HTC offers a wide range of benefits for temperature control in various applications. With its automatic regulation without human intervention, digitization of temperature curves, and high-precision temperature control, it enables optimal processes, product quality, and efficient troubleshooting. The compact design and easy installation make it an ideal solution for companies looking to optimize their temperature control systems.

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