IoT devices receive security award


A new certification called “US Cyber Trust Mark” has been introduced for IoT devices in the USA. This award confirms that the products meet comprehensive security requirements. The ONEKEY platform plays a key role in automated verification of the essential criteria. This encourages manufacturers to focus more on the security of their IoT devices, and consumers benefit from a wider choice of trusted technologies.

Efficient IoT security through automation

The IoT-based Automated Product Cybersecurity & Compliance Platform provides companies with a comprehensive solution for assessing the security of their products. It scans against established standards and identifies potential vulnerabilities, enabling companies to quickly respond to improvements. This platform not only supports regulatory compliance, but also helps increase the overall security of IoT devices and applications.

New US certificate for IoT security

The rapid proliferation of network-enabled and smart devices has made the security of IoT devices a significant concern. To help consumers choose secure and tested devices, the U.S. government has introduced the “U.S. Cyber Trust Mark” as a voluntary seal of approval. This certification program aims to mitigate the risk of hacker attacks and ensure the protection of valuable data from unauthorized access.

New security measures for IoT devices

While the US Cyber Trust Mark is optional in the consumer market, the upcoming European Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) will become a mandatory legal requirement. Manufacturers and importers of IoT devices with network access will be forced by the CRA to implement and continuously monitor more stringent cybersecurity measures. The CRA will thus have a positive impact worldwide by improving the security of IoT devices and reducing the risk of cyberattacks.

Securing IoT devices with ONEKEY

ONEKEY’s platform revolutionizes cybersecurity and compliance for IoT device manufacturers. By automating the testing and risk assessment of devices with firmware, products not only meet the current requirements of the Cyber Resilience Act, but are also tested against the fundamentals of the US Cyber Trust Mark, including NIST 8259A and EN303645. This enables manufacturers to efficiently verify the compliance of their products and ensure a high-quality security level.

Efficient IoT solution for industrial compliance

ONEKEY has developed an innovative product cybersecurity platform that includes an integrated compliance checker and automatically checks international industry and security standards. The platform is continuously updated to always meet the latest security requirements. Manufacturers and importers of technological products can thus check the firmware of their devices for compliance with standards and potential vulnerabilities without any effort. Any problems discovered can be efficiently rectified, while self-declarations or certifications can be easily created.

IoT strengthens international security standards

With its impressive repertoire of supported international cybersecurity standards, the ONEKEY platform provides comprehensive protection for the Internet of Things. Supported standards include the EU Cyber Resilience Act, EN303645, IEC62443, NIST8259A, OWASP, Singapore CLS, IOTSF, IOTxT, UNR155, and ENISA, UK, and industry-specific regulations. This ensures that IoT implementations have a robust security foundation and meet the stringent requirements of a globally connected world.

IoT innovation ONEKEY promotes compliance

The U.S. Cyber Trust Mark is a significant step toward improving the security of connected devices in the consumer market. However, manufacturers and importers also face the challenge of complying with the upcoming European Cyber Resilience Act. A comprehensive solution is provided by the ONEKEY platform, which automates IoT device compliance checks and detects security risks. Thanks to its support for various international cybersecurity standards, companies can strengthen the long-term cyber resilience of their products and comprehensively protect both consumers and businesses.

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