Optimize tomato production with precise ethylene dosing using Vögtlin’s red-y smart series


Ethylene gas plays a crucial role in the optimized ripening of tomatoes. It has been used for centuries, even by the ancient Egyptians, who recognized its effects on fruits and vegetables. Today, in the agricultural industry, especially in tomato production at Stoll Production SA, the red-y smart series thermal mass flow meters and controllers from Vögtlin are utilized to accurately and precisely dose ethylene. This ensures the desired ripening process, resulting in higher quality tomatoes and reduced waste.

Ethylene: A Key Factor in Ripening Tomatoes for Optimal Harvest

The ripened tomato is characterized by its red color, appropriate firmness, and increased fruit sugar content. Ethylene plays a crucial role in the ripening process as it facilitates the breakdown of the green pigment chlorophyll while simultaneously increasing the levels of red pigments called carotenoids as well as fruit sugar content. Additionally, the breakdown of pectins, responsible for tomato firmness, optimizes the fruit’s consistency. Without controlled dosing of ethylene, the window for tomato harvesting would be limited, resulting in higher failure rates.

The use of a nitrogen/ethylene gas mixture for gassing some plants at Stoll Production SA allows for an extended harvesting period and increased yields. By causing these plants to ripen earlier and be harvested at different times, this method enables a longer harvesting season, increased tomato sales, and higher revenues. Additionally, by ensuring the ripening of even the last tomatoes, wastage is minimized, leading to reduced waste and contributing to job security.

The red-y smart series by Vögtlin provides the perfect solution for achieving the optimal gas mixture ratio of 96% nitrogen to 4% ethylene. By combining a mass flow meter for nitrogen and a mass flow controller for ethylene, the two gases can be mixed precisely and cost-effectively. The flow meter sets the desired setpoint for the controller, ensuring accurate maintenance of the ratio. With the incorporation of MEMS technology in the devices of the red-y smart series, high accuracy and fast response times are guaranteed.

The installation of the instruments is straightforward and hassle-free, ensuring customer satisfaction. The ability to connect the devices for master/slave control allows for efficient management of the gas mixture.

The collaboration between Vögtlin, Stoll Production SA, and PanGas has resulted in an optimized tomato production and increased revenue. The utilization of Vögtlin Instruments’ red-y smart series has proven to be an effective solution for precise ethylene dosing. By accurately controlling the ethylene levels, the ripening process of tomatoes can be extended, leading to a longer harvest time and higher yields. This successful partnership has demonstrated the value of the red-y smart series in enhancing tomato production.

The utilization of Vögtlin Instruments’ red-y smart series enables precise and accurate dosing of ethylene in tomato production. This results in an extended harvesting period, increased yield, and reduced waste. The user-friendly installation process and the option for master/slave control contribute to customer satisfaction. The successful collaboration between Vögtlin, Stoll Production SA, and PanGas demonstrates that the red-y smart series is an effective solution for optimizing tomato production.

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